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Have a laugh by watching some of the funniest comedians—like Jo Koy, Ali Wong, Jimmy O Yang, and more—on different streaming services to celebrate World Laughter Day!

All jokes aside, laughter is healthy. It boosts the immune system, triggers the release of feel-good chemicals like endorphins, and even burns calories. While this is true, might as well spend most of your time at home watching comedy specials that will have you cracking up the second you put it on. 

Here are some of our favourite witty comedians who know how to tickle your funny bone:

1. Jo Koy

Jo Koy is known for his hilarious stories of his childhood, his mom, his son Joseph, and the Filipino heritage he had grown to learn and love over the years while living in the United States. Apart from his stand-up bits in Las Vegas and his earlier comedy specials such as Jo Koy: Don't Make Him Angry, Jo Koy: Comin' In Hot, and Jo Koy: Live In Seattle, the comic also recently shot Jo Koy: In His Elements, a Netflix special, bringing his culture to the world stage.

You may watch some of Jo Koy's comedy specials on Netflix.

2. Ali Wong

It's quite difficult to forget Ali Wong's hard-hitting jokes and big cat-eye glasses when she's standing on stage. In both her Netflix specials, Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, the comic talks about marriage, sex and race in a way that will make you cackle at its truthfulness. Poking fun at the industry has never been this funny and frank.

You may watch some of Ali Wong's comedy specials on Netflix.

3. Vir Das

Vir Das is a renowned actor in India. However, he took on the international stage to pursue stand-up comedy. While the comedian can make us laugh with his impressions, stories about his love life, and bits portraying Indian culture, Vir's comedy specials including Abroad Understanding and Losing It makes his audience laugh with punchlines that shed light on sexism, homophobia, and racism. He has even mentioned politics in some of his bits, showing that this comic is not fooling around when it comes to affairs of the state.

You may watch some of Vir Das' comedy specials on Netflix.

4. Jimmy O Yang

Jimmy O Yang might have become popular for appearing in various TV shows such as 2 Broke Girls and Silicon Valley, but the actor has also made various crowds laugh as a stand-up comedian. Only a year ago, Jimmy finally landed his first comedy special titled Good Deal. Jimmy has great timing and delivery when it comes to sharing his thoughts on being Asian, its stereotypes and representation. Honest and savage, Jimmy is the next comic you'll want to watch for a good laugh.

You may watch Jimmy O. Yang's comedy special on Amazon Prime.

5. Yumi Nagashima

The second Vancouver-based comedian Yumi Nagashima steps on stage, many will assume that she's a shy and soft-spoken comic with a few mild jokes in mind. But by the end of Yumi's bit, they'd be surprised to learn that Yumi is unapologetically bold which makes her stage presence compelling and her jokes brutal. The comedian has joined the Magners International Comedy Festival and Comedy Central Asia and does not have her own comedy special—yet.

You may watch Yumi Nagashima's bits on YouTube.

6. Julie Kim

Two-time Comedy Award Nominee, Julie Kim, has a funny take on pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. The way she narrates her stories while jeering at her personal experiences is hilarious. She has joined the Winnipeg Comedy Festival in 2014 and has made various TV and radio appearances.

You may watch Julie Kim's bits on Youtube.

7. Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is a stand-up comedian that can make you laugh with his jokes and spot-on impressions. Allow the comic to take you into his world as he recalls stories about his fluffiness, family, Latino roots, and friends—including Martin, whom he often jokes about—in his comedy specials from One Show Fits All to Hot and Fluffy.

You may watch Gabriel Iglesias' comedy specials on Netflix.

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