Solenn Heussaff's third solo exhibit, "Kundiman", is a literal love song set to art

Solenn Heussaff's upcoming solo exhibit has—incredibly—been years in the making. "Kundiman", as it is entitled, is set to premiere on 25 March 2021 at the Modeka Art Gallery. Curated by Teresa Herrera, the show features bold imagery that alludes to empathy and awareness. It is set to run until the 24th of April 2021. 

"When I paint, I basically share my emotions to everyone," Heussaff shares of her work. "Whether or not someone else is going to see what I mean, that's still a big question until today [but] I always learn something new from my own work. It starts a conversation all the time."

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And true enough, Heussaff's works are a provocative glimpse into familiar scenes. Most of the pieces are large-scale paintings "set in destitute environments"; while these shed a light on the plight of many of our countrymen, it also provides a vessel into becoming more empathetic towards those around us. "The perspective and eye contact with the subjects says, 'I see you', giving awareness for their conditions, but most importantly, acknowledgement for their humanity," says Herrera. 


Alongside multiple canvases of such themes, Heussaff also creates images filled with the lush verdure of a virgin jungle. This juxtaposes the previous art pieces with a "poignant reminder of what was", namely abundance and balance. Heussaff not only gives depth and richness to "Kundiman" with these pieces, but also messages of hope and optimism as well. 

"Kundiman" is Heussaff's very own love-letter to the Philippines. While it brings into focus the stark realities of some of our brothers and sisters, it also sheds a subtle light onto the importance of empathy and awareness. 

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