Cover The Octopod by MB&F (Photo: Courtesy of MB&F)

With a presence in Dubai, Taiwan and Geneva, M.A.D.Gallery has opened in Hong Kong and it's the ultimate place for radical decor and mechanical art

From palladium-plated spiders to eight-legged octopi, MB&F have been merging horology and robotics since 2005. Now, Hong Kong watch aficionados can enjoy the maison’s creations in person with the opening of MB&F’s first Hong Kong-based M.A.D.Gallery at Ocean Terminal in Harbour City.

The brand’s M.A.D.Gallery concept was established by its founder, Maximilian Büsser, who wanted to bring the watch and art world together in an exhibition space where his ‘Horological Machines’—as he fondly calls them—could be admired.

“M.A.D.Gallery originated from my childhood dream—a shelter for my favourite mechanical devices all in one place, where I can appreciate and play with them whenever I want. I am very excited to see my dream come true,” said Büsser while in Hong Kong for the launch.

M.A.D.Galleries have already been established in Geneva, Taipei and Dubai, with all showcased pieces available for sale. In addition to MB&F’s creations, carefully-curated three-dimensional works from other designers are on display.

“We see M.A.D.Gallery as the perfect platform to showcase our own machines as well as other pieces of kinetic art by other creators whom we greatly admire,” says Büsser. “Thanks to M.A.D.Gallery, we are meeting like-minded artists operating in parallel worlds; people who think like us and share our passion for creating mechanical art.” Here are our top five picks:

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Making its world debut at Hong Kong M.A.D.Gallery, Stingray was designed by MB&F in collaboration with Apical Reform. This abstract sculpture, limited to eight pieces, moves in slow motion like a stingray.

It is available in grey or rose gold, and retails for HK$160,000.

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55 Nixie Time Zone

Engineered in Switzerland by Adatte Design, 55 Nixie Time Zone is a clock that uses six new old stock and genuine nixie tubes as a display.

Limited to 100 pieces, its estimated retail price falls at HK$48,000.

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Le Camp de la Lune Noire

‘Digital sampling’ is used to depict a three-dimensional robot model which is subtly incorporated into a photograph.

Limited to 18 pieces, this photo was taken at an unspecified location in Hong Kong, and is exclusive to M.A.D.Gallery.

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Apesanteur Z

Made of thousands of tiny mechanical watch components, this levitating disk will make your head spin.

A powerful magnet solidifies the parts above a wooden base, in an attempt to explore the link between astronomy and watchmaking (limited to just eight pieces).

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Solar Ornithopter

An aircraft that flies by flapping its wings, ‘ornithopter’ is a term coined by mixing the Greek words for ‘bird’ (ornithos) and ‘wing’ (pteron).

This solar-powered ornithopter is crafted from stainless steel and brass.

M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong, Harbour City, Ocean Terminal Shop 316, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; +852 3188 5093. Find out more at

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