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Not ready to move on? Neither are we! We round-up some of the most memorable moments from the Netflix series, Vincenzo. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

A drama about a Korean mafia? The premise did seem difficult to pull off. 20 episodes and many tears later, Vincenzo is on everyone's lips. A series that was equal parts suspenseful, larger-than-life, intelligently written and even comedic—it delivered in more ways than one could hope for.

Those who've been tuning in since day one will surely attest to the incredible performances by the entire cast. Yet none more amazing than Vincenzo Cassano himself, long time leading man Song Joong-ki, who's been nominated for Best Actor at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for his incredible portrayal of the antihero.

The drama was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish with its excruciating cliffhangers every weekend. For those who aren't ready to part with the Geumga squad, we list down some of the most satisfying, shocking, and memorable events from Netflix's latest gem, Vincenzo:

1. Will The Real Chairman Please Stand Up?

One of the earliest plot twists on the show was when the true Babel Chairman was revealed to be no other than lawyer Hong Cha-young's trusty intern, Jang Han-seok. As he emerged from his luxury sports car to revel at the burning Babel factory, audiences were let in on the secret that this bubbly and naive newbie is more than what he seems.

2. Hong Yu-chan's Last Makgeolli

The death of Hong Cha-young's father was straight out of a Shakespearean play. Jipuragi Firm's Hong Yu-chan shares a few bottles of makgeolli with Vincenzo as they speak on the difficulties of justice and the law. As they toast to dreams of defeating the corrupt conglomerate that is Babel, a truck slams into the restaurant, killing Hong Yu-chan and injuring Vincenzo in the process. 

To make things even more dramatic, Hong Cha-young had just braved the rain to make amends with her father, only to arrive at a bloody and devastating scene.

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3. The Geumga Plaza Gang

K Dramas are only as good as their supporting cast and Vincenzo has probably the most loveable group of misfits to ever grace the screen. 

Who can forget the Arno restaurant chef who only craves Vincenzo's approval of his latest risotto dish? "I guess the basil and cheese are practising social distancing?"—a burn only a mafia consigliere can deliver. We're all going to miss the Bye Bye Balloon travel agency, our favourite piano teacher-slash-hacker, the slickest monks there ever were, and the rest of the unforgettable Geumga Plaza residents. 

4. The Ship That Never Sailed: Tae-ho and Min-seong

A tale that can rival Romeo and Juliet. In yet another ruse to one-up Babel, Vincenzo wins the heart of Min-seong as he poses as the upright lawyer and horse lover, Tae-ho. In a series of dates (to a bar and a theme park), the would-be couple gets to know each other better. Vincenzo plays the role of a lifetime as Min-seong's unrequited love.

5. The Vault Is Opened—Finally

When Vincenzo had finally opened the vault under Geumga Plaza, it felt like a profound victory for audiences. After a million roadblocks, our trusty consigliere had finally attained what he came to Korea for. But before he's able to get his hands on the gold, his right-hand man points a gun to his head. After a battle of wits (and fists), they come to a stalemate.

6. "You Can't Postpone A Kiss"

Hong Cha-young and Vincenzo—2021's most iconic duo yet. Each other's support and enabler, the mischievous pair had blessed us with elaborate undercover operations, courtroom antics, and numerous villainous moments throughout the show. But in episode 14, the pair confront a challenge they haven't met before. In a ploy to infiltrate an art gallery, the two pose as a couple who'd rented out the place for a proposal.

Cameras flash and music plays in the background; it's time for a kiss. Vincenzo hesitates and says he'll get to that later. To wit, the curator says what everyone had in their minds, "you can't postpone a kiss". As the consigliere contemplates his next move, Hong Cha-young swoops in for a kiss—a moment that momentarily broke the internet. 

Revisit the scene here:

7. Jipuragi Law Firm Moonlights As A Shaman Temple

I never needed to see Song Joong-ki play a shaman till I did. In episode 15, the Jipuragi trio pulls off a stint like no other. In equally amazing performances, the three actors outdo each other as they portray spirit mediums in order to manipulate a newspaper CEO, proving to Babel once more that they're never going to be as clever.

8. Vincenzo's Mother Is Murdered

Sixteen episodes in and the drama had been like a game of cat and mouse between Jipuragi and Babel. But the series changes its tone in this fateful episode. To hit him where it truly hurts, Babel Chairman Jang Han-seok and Wusang lawyer Choi Myung-hee send out an order to kill Vincenzo's sick mother at the hospital. Similar to Hong Cha-young's arrival at her father's crime scene, Vincenzo visits his eomma just a little too late. 

The final 15 minutes of episode 16 blessed us with Song Joong-ki's most dynamic and intense performance throughout the entire show. He'd shifted from charming and devious lawyer to a dead-in-the-eyes revenge-hungry consigliere. When will we be able to move on from this nail-biting sequence? Who knows.

9. Choi Myung-hee's Last Zumba, Jang Hang-seok's Brutal Demise

Never had a character's end felt more satisfying than that of Choi Myung-hee's and Jang Han-seok's. The writers of the show did everyone justice with how they chose to wrap things up in the epic finale. The poetic, dark, and violent deaths of the two main villains of the series were ingenious and shocking—not an easy feat to pull off nowadays. 

Vincenzo's revenge truly reified the premise of the show: un diavolo scaccia l'altro / it takes a devil to defeat another devil. Proving to audiences that Vincenzo was never going to be about redemption, Song Joong-ki's nuanced portrayal of a heartless mafia consigliere had hit its peak in the final minutes of the show.

PS. Shout out to poor Han-seo who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his hyung.

10. Malta, Someday...

The show ends on a lighter yet complicated note. Sneaking into Korea from his hideaway in Malta, the now-wanted consigliere pays a visit to Hong Cha-young at an event for the Italian Embassy. Before they part and under no pretences this time, he finally kisses her. They separate with the mutual hope of seeing each other again.


Final thoughts on Vincenzo

The series was truly strong from beginning to end, it delivered everything one could hope for in a drama (and more); incredibly entertaining as it was meaningful and heartfelt. All in all a poignant speculation on the classic tale of good vs evil, friendship, family, and justice—Vincenzo will surely go down in K Drama history as one of the most well-executed shows in its sphere. Plus, this solidifies Song Joong-ki as one of the strongest actors today, period. His portrayal of Vincenzo is indeed one for the books.

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