Experience the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh through a stunning interplay of lights, colours and sound


Many will already be familiar with the work of Vincent van Gogh, but perhaps not viewed in the way that Van Gogh Alive - the Exhibition has presented it. Made available by Grande Exhibitions of Australia and VisionsCom of France, the exhibition is now on at Marina Bay Sands' ArtScience Museum. Set up with over 40 high definition projectors and almost nine kilometres of cabling, over 3,000 separate images of Van Gogh's masterpieces are digitally projected throughout the gallery space, thus enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in the sea of colours and sound. While no actual paintings are showcased, Van Gogh Alive seeks to fully engage viewers, allowing them to experience the beauty of the artworks beyond the canvases. Choreographed to a classical music score, the projections are able to offer various viewing angles, such as 'zooming in' on portions of paintings that, if observed traditionally within a frame, would have easily been lost to the viewer - a fantastic way to discover all the hidden details.



The masterpieces of Van Gogh are steeped in emotion, no doubt a reflection of the artist's own famously troubled psyche, and provide captivating material for this exhibition that marries exquisite art with the spectacular heights of technology. There is no defined sequence in which one should take in the exhibition, as visitors are encouraged to move around the 1,500-square metre expanse freely. The projections are played in a loop, so your best bet is to take your time to fully experience everything. And wear comfortable shoes.


Van Gogh Alive - the Exhibition is on until November 6, 2011. at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. To book tickets, please call 6688 8826, or visit www.marinabaysands.com/ArtScienceMuseum