Cover #15: "Masa Kita" by Pastel Lite. (Photo credit: Transhallow/ Instagram @transhallow)

Malaysia’s music scene has evolved over the years through a range of genres: Exactly 30 years ago, the iconic rock-and-roll ballad, “Isabella” by Search, was released in the album Fenomena. From there, we progress into the classics of the Eighties and Nineties, headlined by Ning Baizura with "Curiga" and onto the pop-centric 2000’s, fronted by Jaclyn Victor of “Gemilang” repute.

A curation reflecting the greatest of local talent, this list also commemorates the growth and parallels between generations of musicians. Launch gallery for a melodious walk down memory through this Top 30 playlist, or listen through this Spotify link. (Reshmonu’s "Hey Waley" is another favourite, but only available on YouTube). 

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