Artis Kids Store is an artistic haven for children, where craft, clay, baking and recycling art sessions help them explore their innate creativity.

_MG_7221 copy.jpg (original size)From the moment a child picks up a colour pencil and places it over a blank canvas, they yield power over their potential. Creative freedom is formative of a child’s future, and these values is the core of Artis Kids Store, an art and play workshop located in Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Pastel colours, wam lighting and cosy art corners lined with assorted ‘masterpieces’ greet the young ones that form this cheerful environment of experiments and play.

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Divided into five themed nooks of art workshop, eat craft, clay art, toddler workshop and re(cycling)-art, classes are designed for children across all ages, under the trained guidance of supervisors and teachers.

For a firsthand look of this stimulating concept, we take you down the rabbit hole of unique highlights that Artis Kids Store has to offer. Make sure to call ahead!

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Children thrive on imagination and companionship, and drawing upon that, Artis Kids Store offers arty workshops in a communal environment, encouraging team spirit and interaction. Children can sign up for drop-in classes of guided drawing and painting, or if they prefer to delve further, immerse in a long-term artbook syllabus course, discovering various mediums like mix media, oil pastel, pencil, paint and scissors.
Classes from Thursday to Sunday, drop-ins accepted.

Toddlers are welcome_MG_7303.jpg (original size)

Little their fingers may be, but toddlers possess an imagination they naturally long to express. Through painting, cutting, moulding, colouring and drawing, the toddler workshop is an eye-opening process toucing upon various art mediums and tools. As colours, lines, shapes, textures and patterns are introduced, children pick up communication, motor, social and emotional skills along the way, too.
Classes from Wednesday to Sunday, children below four are welcome.

Eat, play, love_MG_7395.jpg (original size)

Cooking and baking is an art that fuels the body and stimulates the brain. This kitchen-based workshop provides a playground where culinary talents are nurtured through the basics of baking. As children master mixing, measuring, kneading and tasting, they absorb essential knowledge on food prep. At the end of the session, these young bakers would have a grasp of nutrition, food handling, kitchen safety, baking techniques, with a self-made delectable treat as proof.
Only by appointment, from Thursday to Sunday. Recipe calendar available.

Shapes of the future_MG_7289.jpg (original size)

Give them something to shape, and they’ll mould to their future. From animals to human figurines, children learn best when they get a full-on, touch-and-feel experience of creating shapes. A simple way to awaken their sensations, these step-by-step techniques leads to a cohesive thought process, as they learn how to build something from scratch. Monthly classes will allow children to complete one or two full-fledged projects within the period.
Classes from Thursday to Sunday, drop-ins accepted.

Re-art_MG_7343.jpg (original size)

Art is an exploration of mediums and materials, old or new. Re(cycling)-art classes emphasise the value of repurposing solid waste by restoring them into keepsake decorations, gifts or toys. Projects like milk carton army tanks, bottle aircrafts, paper mache hat, cardboard figurines, are just some eye-opening ideas to demonstrate the endless possibilities of making new from bits and bops. Different projects are subject to waste parts available, so call ahead to enquire.
Drop-ins accepted from Monday to Sunday.

Party space_MG_7463.jpg (original size)

Need a space for a classic children’s party? Artis Kids Store pulls out all the stops as an art centric venue for celebrations, complete with creative decorations, games and arty activities to pick from, to take the planning out of your hands. From photo booths, gift stations, balloons, party favours, light bites, and fun games – let the venue set the ambiance of your celebration. Be it small parties to private parties, Artis Kids Store is happy to accommodate.
Bookings are essential.

 Whether looking to encourage your children to get in touch with their God-given creativity or simply a place to discover their abilities, let Artis Kids Store guide your child every step of the way.

 For more information on their offerings, visit or call 03-6211 9112 for enquiries or bookings.