The resurgence of Philippine creativity has attracted the international art world’s attention; Philippine Tatler sits down with seven of the country’s most promising artists.

Though JC Jacinto has been mounting exhibitions for years (since 2002), he still feels like he’s just starting out. Because it wasn’t until recently that the young artist discovered what he really enjoys doing: destroying his creations. “It gives me power,” he says, “and so I practise that power.” It all began with his own indecision and dissatisfaction concerning his work—instead of painting over the image or working on a new canvas, Jacinto decided to simply wreck what he had created. This process of tearing apart his own work, he soon discovered, was one that he relished in. And when he observed the public’s positive reaction to his new style, he could only deduce that he was doing something right. Jacinto has just finished curating a show for J Studio, and will mount a solo exhibition in Art Informal in June.

Photo by Sara Black

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