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Order it for yourself or show a friend that you care with this quirky gift idea

When was the last time you reached for a pen and doodled your heart out in your private journal? Even if it’s been a while since you penned your thoughts on paper, here’s another reason to bring the cathartic hobby back into your routine.

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Award-winning social enterprise The Batik Boutique has been hard at work supporting local artisans and ethical brands behind the brand’s beautiful handmade wares – from gorgeous batik apparel and accessories to bespoke tumblers, art kits and journals.

"As a business for good, we are focused on the livelihood of the artisans we work with all across Malaysia," says Amy Blair, The Batik Boutique founder.

"In times like this, we're learning to adapt to the changes and pivot if necessary. Online is the way forward, and we've curated gift sets with other ethical brands to reach consumers meaningfully in this time."

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Has the current MCO left you feeling blue? The Batik Boutique has come up with a few special gift sets to help spread some much-needed cheer.

From artsy game night packs to dainty handmade soaps and hand sanitisers by Orang Asli artisans, the gift sets are a great way to support the livelihood of local makers while treating yourself – or someone else – to a thoughtful surprise.

"Everyone processes thoughts and feelings differently. We too miss our friends and family right now," Blair says. "Writing in journals is a therapeutic way to help us all process those feelings and also record this significant time in history."

"We wanted to provide our customers meaningful and relevant gifts during this control movement order. And really, doesn’t chocolate make everything better? Gifts like The Writer’s Set are perfect companions for when you need to take a time out while you #WFH." 

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Here’s what you will get with this pampering gift pack: a beautiful leather-bound navy blue KL Journal paired with an indulgent dark chocolate bar from local single origin chocolate producer, Chocolate Concierge.

If you’re ordering for a friend, you can even include a handwritten message of encouragement.

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As Blair puts it: "Stay connected during difficult times. Check on your loved ones often. Send a gift to a friend you miss or cheer up a colleague with a surprise delivery. Supporting local brands is essential and means a lot to us as we all do our best to persevere!"