Your digital dream come true could be a click away!

Social media has taken hold of our time, attention, conversations and now... it is encroaching on our love lives. Since we all live on our phones, why not date with them too?

The dating scene in today’s world has evolved quite a bit. Now it’s all about if I should swipe right or left… The online dating world has expanded exponentially with a variety of websites and apps catering to the busy lives that our society has grown accustomed too. With ‘no time’ to meet people, tech entrepreneurs figured that they would bring prospective plus 1’s to you.

At the click of a button and the swipe of a finger, you have a whole buffet of potential presented to you. Instead of chatting it up at a bar or being set up on blind dates by friends, you sort of set yourself up on a semi blind date! It all begins with private messaging one another attempting to get to know a little more about him or her, and eventually ‘meeting’ each other for the first time. The trick is now, how to verify who is truly who they say they are…

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to snag yourselves a Valentine’s date!

Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the online dating game: 


photo.jpegMake sure to choose a picture that is a good representation of what you really look like. Don’t lie about how you look or make yourself look toooo amazing! You can even choose some photos that show you dressed for different occasions so he or she knows the 'real' you, dressed up and down.


stalk.jpgStalk them before you meet them… if you can find him or her online. 

Easy escape:

easy escape.jpegPick a quick date so you are not stuck at a long dinner with someone you may not like at all. Try coffee or a drink instead of a meal!


video.jpgVideo chat for a minute or 2 prior to meeting, to see if he or she really looks like what they say they look like. By doing this, you will also be able to hear what they sound like. 


tagline.jpgThink of an interesting description or tag line to hook people in.


intention.jpegSome people are on dating sites or apps for very different reasons, it would be best to state your intentions before you meet.


safety.jpgTell your friends where you will be and give them his or her contact info… just in case… as you should if a stranger asked you out in person. Also, pick a public place for the first date!


compatible.jpegSince you cannot know how they carry themselves, what their vibe is like or how the converse, as you would be able to tell if you had met them in person instead of digitally, be sure to ask a few key questions to see if their opinions are in line with yours.