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Habi: The Philippine Textile Council's "Habi Mama: A Habi Mother's Day Fair" runs until 9 May 2021. Check out what's in store for you and how can you support the local weaving community

After its successful online launch of the Likhang Habi Fair, HABI: The Philippine Textile Council opens another online fair under its Habi Mama project. Aimed to uplift local artisan communities, most especially those strongly impacted by the pandemic, Habi Mama highlights weaver-mothers and their beautiful creations at until 9 May.

The council members have worked closely with its partner communities to come up with special “curated” gift baskets.  Made by women-led basket-weaving Tagbanua communities in Aborlan, Palawan,  these baskets contain themed gift sets composed of sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products from over 28 merchants representing various weaving and local artisan communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Participating local brands at the fair that you could check out include: Abek Home, Abra Indigo Manila, Balay Paluhay, Balik Batik, Bicol Sweetgrass, Cache Apparels, Camisa Amana, Creative Definitions, Dako Manila, Iraya Mangyan Art, Knitting Expedition, LN Collectible Handicrafts, Mang Inabel, Manila Collectible, MCV Designs, Melograno, Monica Madrigal, Cordillera Handloom, Pnay, Punique PH, Style Isle, Tagolwanen weavers, Uri PH, Yakang Yaka Made With Love And Loom, and Ylocos Heritage.

Mothers are nothing but supportive, and two special ones are strongly supporting the Habi Mama campaign: Georgina Wilson and Gloria Diaz. Using Philippine cotton fabrics, Wilson has developed comfortable outfits for her family, as she believes that supporting our local weaving industry and celebrating our culture is highly important. She also sponsored Sunnies makeup for our Habi Mama Kikay Gift baskets.

Diaz, on the other hand, is supporting Bulacan Buri flower makers by Punique PH, who incorporate HABI's Philippine cotton flowers in their Mother’s Day Bouquet. This locally made and artful bouquet lasts forever, and each purchase supports our local cotton farmers and keeps this industry alive for generations to come.

Reviving the use of pure Philippine cotton, a fibre that is very much a part of Filipino culture, has been a long-term commitment of HABI, which they also support through campaigns like Habi Mama. The group has partnered with the Philippine Fibre Industry Development Authority (PHILFIDA) to provide local farmers with cotton seeds. 

Weavers, most of whom are mothers, are also given threads under Habi’s Cotton Adoption Project, so as to encourage them to use pure cotton in their products. 

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“Mothers are the ones who shepherd  traditions such as weaving to their families. They are the ones who can pass on the love of weaving to kids. We hope Filipinos can make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special for both the mums who cared for them and the weaver mums who take care of preserving our culture  by supporting the Habi Mama campaign,”  says HABI vice president Ruby Roa, Habi Mother’s Day fair co-chair.