Cover (Photo: PELÍCULA Spanish Film Festival)

Cinephiles rejoice as this year's PELÍCULA: Spanish Film Festival plans to return on the month of October 2021

Spanish embassies around the world have teamed up together to present PELÍCULA: A Spanish Film Festival. Due to current pandemic restrictions, it will remain virtual, premiering between October 1-10, 2021. Despite this, Spanish ambassadors from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia are hopeful for an invigorating turnout as they stream four short films and 16 contemporary Spanish and Latin American feature films online. In the Philippines, PELÍCULA is co-presented by the Instituto Cervantes. All films to be shown online will be available with English subtitles and will stream for free on their website for 48 hours. 

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Jorge Moragas, Ambassador of Spain to the Philippines, says, “We believe that culture and cinema are important tools against the isolation and sometimes the alienation that the pandemic has brought. Films and visual arts are indeed good refugees, and PELÍCULA is the perfect festival to share that kind of content and to be a shelter in these trying times." 

The festival will premiere on October 1, 2021, with El Cover, a musical comedy starring Secun de la Rosa. 

Within the coming days, other films such as Invisibles, Una Vez Más, Oscuro y Lucientes, and Tristesse will also be shown. Movies will tackle many relevant themes in today's world. For example, David Trueba's work, A Este Lado Del Mundo will tackle immigration. Latin American perspectives will be put front and centre by documentaries such as Observar las aves and Lina de Lima

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On October 4, 2021, a round-table discussion among film stakeholders will also take place. These will see luminaries from Spanish, Thai, and Filipino film industries coming together to discuss the works presented during PELÍCULA. This will be followed by another webinar, on the 7th of October, entitled “En corto: Short films in the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and Spain". In this discussion, four short films will be dissected along with the directors of said films. 

Lastly, on October 10, 2021, the Audience Choice Awards—which will be voted on by the viewers—will be re-screened at 6pm. An exciting and educational film festival awaits for every cinephile eager to know more!

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For the schedule, film details, and further information on the festival, please visit, or the Facebook page of Instituto Cervantes.