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Need some mood music? Here are the best for workaholics and students!

Need some help to focus on your work? Music may be the key for you. Listen to these relaxing soundtracks to help keep you on track with your goals!

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Classical music is one of the best genres to listen to when you're trying to focus. Not only have researchers found that it lessens anxiety, but it's also hypothesised to help learners concentrate and thereby, retain information. Of course, not all classical pieces are made the same, so it's probably best to skip dynamic orchestral pieces and go for those that are more consistent in terms of tone and composition. Try soothing piano pieces like those of Debussy or Mozart. The key is to create a soothing aura of sound that doesn't distract you from your task. 

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Nature Sounds

There's a reason why people use nature sounds to help them meditate: it's calming, infinitely soothing, and most importantly, not distracting. It also helps mask stressful sound triggers such as traffic noises or voices from outside. In this genre, everyone has a preference. Personally, I find chirping cicadas most helpful in lifting my mood and enhancing concentration; however, many people might prefer a chorus of birdsong or the thrashing of waves. The whistling of wind is also a top contender. But whatever you prefer, there's sure to be one readily available online!

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Timed Tempo

Some scientists argue that it's not necessarily the sound that helps concentration, but the tempo. Researchers point to 50 to 80 beats per minute as the most conducive to enhancing creativity. Some of the more popular songs include Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop, Beyonce's Halo, and Katy Perry's Wide Awake.



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Smooth Jazz

Miss working at the coffee shop? Amp up your ambience with a playlist of smooth jazz records. 

One of the best things about jazz as a genre is that it's so versatile — there's upbeat jazz to dance to, and smooth jazz to slow you down. For times when you need to concentrate, try going for smoother jazz to keep you relaxed. Then when you're ready for a break, go for some livelier tunes to unwind. 

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Bossa Nova

While having its origins from various parts of the American continent, bossa nova and jazz are often quite similar. The birth of bossa nova was inspired by the jazz tradition, which came from African-American music. However, bossa nova adds its own Brazilian twist by combining jazz with the syncopations of samba. Both are quite soothing and are helpful for creating a conducive atmosphere for work that's productive yet relaxing. 

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Perhaps one of the most popular genres to listen to at the moment, lo-fi has become something of a pop culture zeitgeist. It reportedly boomed in quarantine and shows no signs of slowing down as people continue to shelter at home. But what exactly is lo-fi? Reportedly, the lo-fi genre came to be almost a decade ago; it's more or less a mishmash of various sounds, borrowing from soul, jazz, and hip-hop. People continually swear by the effects of lo-fi in both mood and ambience, so if you haven't given it a try yet, do so now!

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