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We spotlight the individuals and institutions in the Singapore art industry that are leaving a social impact

Art Outreach Singapore

Established in 2003, the non-profit organisation promotes visual art by educating the public in art appreciation and supporting the artists who produce it. It organises school programmes and tours of the city’s public artworks, such as those along the Singapore River and in MRT stations.

Vintage Radio SG

Available online and via a mobile app, the platform helps seniors overcome the digital divide through a medium they can engage with: music from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, presented by familiar peers Rahimah Rahim, PN Balla, Patrick Kwek and Brian Richmond.


This charity organisation was founded on the belief that learning takes place when children play. When imaginations are unleashed, creativity flourishes. Established in 2008 by two mothers, Playeum today offers workshops—both physical and online—that facilitate open-ended play, as well as training for educators.

Sing Lit Station

Since 2016, the non-profit outfit has been cultivating Singapore’s literary culture, reaching out to readers in addition to supporting writers artistically and professionally. Among its programmes are creative writing workshops for youth, community writing challenges and manuscript boot camps, the works from which could be published.


The charity formerly known as Very Special Arts Singapore nurtures creativity in people with disabilities by introducing them to performing and visual arts. Students gain proficiency and exposure through art programmes, collaborations, exhibitions and performances.

Kok Heng Leun

The theatre veteran and former NMP facilitates community discussion of social, environmental and cultural issues through his socially engaged productions.

Noorlinah Mohamed

The theatre artist and arts education specialist has brought her experience to bear in guiding drama students and educators, and through projects that highlight lesser‐known issues.

Kavitha Krishnan

The artistic director of Maya Dance Theatre integrates the differently abled into the dance community by giving them the opportunity to work with dance professionals.

Jean Loo

A champion of disability inclusion and community engagement, Loo co-founded Superhero Me to empower underprivileged and special needs children through art.

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