Cover (Image: Sebastian Pichler/ Unsplash)

The National Arts Council brings together 153 local artists to pepper our streets with vibrant works in its recently updated initiative, Streets of Hope

From Chinese calligraphy and batik to mixed media, over 350 original artworks by homegrown artists line the streets around the Civic District and beyond, as part of the Streets of Hope initiative—we shortlist a few uplifting artworks to spot on your next city stroll. 

The initiative takes place till September 29, 2020. 

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Better Together

What Inspired by the resilience and collective strength of citizens from all walks of life in Singapore, self-taught, non-binary visual artist Sam Lo’s (SKLO) digital art encapsulates the support and desire to better others during this period of crisis.

Where Located along Queen Street

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On Our Way To A New Horizon

What Muralists Liquan Liew and Estella Ng, collectively known as Ripple Root, celebrate the spirit of optimism through a bright, bold and celebratory firework depicted in their mixed media work. Look closely and you will find a couple on a boat, paddle in tow, looking towards the dawn of a new day.

Where Located along Nicoll Highway

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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

What It’s important not to give up hope and trudge on during the fight against Covid-19, says Izwan Abdullah. To rally the community to stay united when the going gets tough, the visual artist and graphic designer creates an illustration that is inspired by a song of the same name by English rock band The Smiths.

Where Located along Nicoll Highway

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Thriving Despite

What This digital collage by Singapore-based visual and performance artist Chand Chandramohan references the wild flowers that were growing in abundance during the country’s circuit breaker period. She wants to bring across a sense of hope and care through her artwork.

Where Located along Queen Street

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Interwoven Blossoming

What Representing a symbol of hope emerging in our city and the interwoven nature of our collective dreams for the future, this mixed media sculpture by Singapore-based visual artist Nandita Mukand features materials such as cloth, plaster and resin.

Where Located along Nicoll Highway