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Here are 7 homegrown brands that deliver to your doorstep, even during this MCO

1. Oh Sebenar

Championing earthy tones and trans-seasonal wear, Oh Sebenar abides by the mantra of empowering girls with its clothing collection. Known for chic staples and minimalist statement pieces, the brand is doing its part to #flattenthecurve by donating proceeds from the new #HereToUs collection to lessen the burden of those in need during these uncertain times.

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2. Lilin + Co

Lilin+Co is an artisanal scented candle company that produces 100 percent premium soy wax candles infused with bespoke scents. Our favourite? The Black Tea & Lychee scent.

The candles are less toxic than the paraffin-made ones, have a longer burning life, and they are renewable as well as biodegradable. They also make for a nice decorative item at home.

Free shipping nationwide for orders above RM130.

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3. Root Remedies

One of our favourite homegrown skincare brand, Root Remedies sells organic and cruelty-free skincare that's gentle on your skin. Their ingredients consist mainly of essential oils, plant extracts and natural nutrients, and contain no harmful chemicals. Their ingredients also aren't bleached, deodorised or extracted using harsh chemicals. 

During this MCO, Roots Remedies is donating 5 percent of its profits to Tabung Covid-19 that will go to help those facing financial difficulties. 

Free shipping until the end of MCO.

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4. tigaempat

tigaempat has a pretty collection of mules perfect for everyday wear. From kitty heels to flats, they are extremely comfortable and come in a variety of pastel and neutral colours that go with just about any outfit.

During the MCO period, tigaempat is giving a RM10 discount on all mules. 

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5. Kinder Soaps

Kinder Soaps produces all-natural handcrafted skincare products that don't contain chemicals known to irritate skin. Being environmentally conscious, it also employs the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle for its packaging. The hand soap bars formulated to address specific skin concerns are a big hit - our favourite is the Summer Fizz. 

Delivering on Mondays only, until the MCO is lifted. 

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6. Asly Beauty

After Dida Cosmetics, Didie Nasir launched Dynamics Inc. and partnered with Yaya Zahir to create Asly Beauty, a new cosmetic brand that champions individuality and encourages self-expressions. The products are compact and super comfortable for all-day wear. 

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7. Whimsigirl

Inspired by successful women and their passions, Whimsigirl is all about creating versatile fashion pieces. Founder Syazana Sukiman and her team are loved for their take on minimalist style in neutral colours, a design choice that is meant to inspire confidence and independence.

In light of the MCO, it is currently conducting IG Live talks covering a wide range of topics including finance and baking, in the hope of uplifting its community. 

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