Cover Art Basel's "OVR: Pioneers" will showcase artworks from 100 galleries across 25 countries and territories (Photo: Courtesy of Art Basel)

Art Basel's "OVR: Pioneers" will go live from March 24–27 featuring 100 galleries across 25 countries and territories

Following the launch of its Online Viewing Rooms concept in 2020—an innovative way to enjoy art and give galleries the opportunity to present a tightly curated exhibition to a global audience—Art Basel is extending it to 2021 with OVR: Pioneers. Going live from March 24–27, the online art fair will feature 100 galleries from across 25 countries and territories. This OVR is dedicated to artists who have broken new ground aesthetically, conceptually or socio-politically.

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Just like the previous edition, participating galleries will present tightly curated solo or group exhibitions, showing up to eight works simultaneously. Collectors will have the chance to discover nearly 800 exceptional works across diverse mediums and periods and explore virtual walkthroughs and other parallel programming presented by exhibitors.

"This online-only event not only celebrates how artists have pushed the boundaries of artistic production in the modern period but also revisits this conversation in the context of the present moment through myriads of perspectives, geographies and mediums. We look forward to sharing these journeys with our global audiences and are confident that there will be fascinating discoveries for even the most experienced collectors, as well as inspiring artistic experiences for patrons newly joining our digital channels," says Noah Horowitz, director Americas of Art Basel.

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Several galleries will present historical works that pushed the boundaries of modern art. Applicat-Prazan is showing early to mid-20th century paintings by Jean Fautrier; Kukje Gallery is presenting paintings by Ha Chong-hyun, an instrumental figure in defining Korean modernism; Galerie Zlotowski is exhibiting works on paper by Sonia Delaunay-Trek, a leading artist of the pre-war Paris Avant-Garde; Ben Brown Fine Arts is showing works by Alighiero Boetti, a prominent member of the Arte Povera movement; and Tokyo-based gallery Watanuki Ltd. / Toki-no-Wasuremono is focusing on sculptures and mixed-media works by Nobuo Sekine, a crucial figure in post-war Japanese art.

OVR: Pioneers will also feature artists who are at the forefront of challenging urgent socio-political issues through their practices such as Theaster Gates, Gordon Parks, Hayv Kahraman, Paulo Nazareth, Betye Saar and Penny Siopsis. Artists such as Miao Ying, Trevor Paglen, Tony Oursler, Alan Rath, Frank Stella and Gretchen Bender, who work in new media and technology, will also be shown at the fair.

To see the full gallery list, please visit The Online Viewing Rooms will be available on the Art Basel website as well as the Art Basel mobile app from March 24–27, 2021.