Here at Hong Kong Tatler, we're passionate about doing what we can to eliminate unnecessary waste from our daily lives—and helping our readers do the same. In the spirit of Plastic Free July, we round up our best articles and guides to living a zero-waste life in Hong Kong, from where to buy plastic free essentials to the city's foremost eco-warriors

11 Eco-Essentials For A Plastic-Free Life

With plastic straws and bags on their way out, green is officially the new black and we're looking to the future with products to help you rid single-use plastics from your life for good. From stylish bento boxes and bottles to zero-waste beauty products, check out our top picks for plastic-free products in the article below:

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5 Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong

From bulk organic goods to eco-essentials for live a plastic-free, waste-free life, these stores are blazing the trail for a greener Hong Kong. 

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9 Zero Waste Instagram Accounts To Follow In Hong Kong

The word 'single-use' was crowned word of the year by Collins Dictionary in 2018, and it's no surprise why. Plastic, specifically single-use plastic, is everywhere—especially in Hong Kong where everything is wrapped once or twice-over in the see-through stuff.

But it's not just plastic that's polluting the world. If you're keen on trying out the zero waste lifestyle, which is all about reducing, reusing and recycling products so that they don't end up in landfill, we've found Hong Kong's foremost zero waste warriors to follow on Instagram.

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Asia Tatler Sustainability Forum At Soneva Kiri: The Who, What And Why

Industry leaders from across the continent joined the Asia Tatler Sustainability Forum at Soneva Kiri for three days of brainstorming, workshops and debate. We report on the commitments they made and their hopes for a greener future.

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Clear Conscience: 12 Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

From candles to catering, there are lots of creative ways to make your wedding eco-friendly without sacrificing style.

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Plastic Free July: 5 Things You Can Do In Hong Kong

This Plastic Free July, millions around the world are pledging to "Choose to Refuse" and with 21 days left in the month, it's just the right amount of time to form a new habit. If you're keen to join the plastic free movement here in Hong Kong, click on the article below for five things you can do in July and beyond:

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7 Hong Kong Eco-Warriors Who Are Saving The Planet

We’ve all read about the perils of climate change, but who’s actually doing anything about it? In our Green Issue, we introduce leading figures who've made saving the environment their priority, whether it’s protecting Malaysia’s endangered tigers, establishing eco-focused political parties or investing billions of dollars in clean-energy initiatives. Below, meet the Hong Kong constituents:

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5 Hong Kong Charities That Save The Environment

From the sea to the skies, these five non-profits are cleaning up Planet Earth.

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