Cover From cloth wraps to gold-accented wrapping paper, we're listing where to find luxe gift wraps for the holidays (Photo: Courtesy of Mrs John L Strong)

We've found the best gift wrapping for all of your gifting needs this season––ensuring that all your presents will look picture-perfect underneath the Christmas tree

Whether you’re looking for wrapping paper alternatives, or if you’re on the hunt for something a little more glittery to stand out from the crowd, we've found the best high-end gift wrapping for the holiday season.

1. Rifle Paper Co.

Founded by husband-wife duo, Rifle Paper Co sells everything from planners and stationery to home decor. Their designs and prints come from the founder’s hand-painted illustrations, giving each product a more personalised touch.

The Christmas wrapping papers come in sets of three pre-cut sheets with illustrations of holiday moments and items such as colourful Christmas lights and the pictured mistletoe print wrapping paper with gold foil accents. 

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2. The Unique Paper Company

One of Selfridges’ project earth items, The Unique Paper Company’s Christmas tree wrapping paper is made from sustainably-grown wood from England, making it a more eco-friendly choice if you’re looking to stay kind to the environment.

Don’t overlook the small details on this minimalistic Christmas tree print––the red accents are highlighted with glitter for some extra fun. 

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3. Moglea

Iowa-based letterpress studio, Moglea, stocks the most beautiful selection of stationery and paper goods that look as though they should belong in a museum.

Perfect for those who are looking for versatile prints that can be used even after the holiday season, this one will surely get your artistic friend’s approval. 

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4. Kikki.k

Not the best gift wrapped? Kikki.k’s Christmas tree print cloth gift bags use a functional draw-string closure for easy packaging. The gift recipient can even reuse the bag for different storage or packing needs for years afterwards, making it a win-win for both of you. 

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5. Anthropologie

If loud and bright wrapping paper is more your cup of tea, give Anthropologie’s furoshiki holiday wrapping cloth a try.

Furoshiki is Japan’s wrapping cloth which is traditionally used to transport and carry items such as clothes and gifts. Afterwards, your friends can even use them as colourful accessories to dress up an outfit. 

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6. Mrs John L Strong

Mrs John L. Strong has long been known for their handmade cards and envelopes, with the brand established since 1929. The pictured bird scene wrapping sheets are part of the company’s new collection of decorative gift wraps, which can be used all year-round. Made with a clean matte finish and heavyweight feel, add on a red ribbon as a finishing touch for a more festive look.

If you're looking for something more special, the company also does bespoke services, allowing individuals to work with their in-house team of designers to create the Christmas cards, envelopes and wrapping paper of your dreams. 

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7. Vivid Wrap

Made from 100% recycled cotton paper, this gold print wrapping paper from Vivid Wrap will make any gift look luxurious in an instant. 

The same print also comes in a red, silver and green if you feel like mixing things up. 

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8. Thorn And Burrow

Looking for something that has more Hong Kong personality? Thorn and Burrow’s selection of gift wraps is made just for you. The mahjong print wrapping paper will bring a smile to friends and family who love the Chinese tile game and you’ll be inspired to play your own game of mahjong afterwards as well. 

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