Cover (L-R) Drew Barrymore, Elon Musk, Paul Rudd and Steve Martin | Photo: YouTube, Wikimedia Commons; Heisenberg Media

Elon Musk's appearance on SNL will air on 8 May 2021—will his visit be just as intriguing as the five other iconic guest hosts on SNL?

SNL has announced their next host for 8 May 2021, and it's none other than SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The centibillionaire is visiting the show alongside singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus. The news caused a stir among SNL cast members and viewers, all the more making Musk an intriguing guest to invite on the comedy show. Criticisms arose when people found Musk's remarks on COVID-19 and vaccines off-putting. But it seems the upcoming SNL host's supporters are not bothered, and instead, simply thrilled to see him on the show.

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Fans have seen glimpses of Musk's compelling character on-screen through various interviews and podcasts. Many also appreciate Musk's humour which has gained him the admiration of users of different ages on social media. 

Will Musk's notable personality and humour pass for the SNL show? Viewers will find out on 8 May.

Over the years, SNL has invited many personalities to host the show. Here are five iconic guest hosts that have made SNL truly memorable:

The iconic comic Steve Martin

Above Steve Martin performing the "King Tut" skit on SNL in 1978.

Crowd-favourite comedian Steve Martin truly knows how to entertain a crowd whether it's in movies or at a comedy show. He can crack you up with his impressions, dance moves, punchlines and musicality—all while performing a satirical piece.

Drew Barrymore has hosted SNL since childhood

Above Drew Barrymore's monologue on SNL which aired in 2009.

In 2009, Drew Barrymore hosted SNL years after she appeared on the show at only 7-years-old. There's so much to love about the bubbly actress such as hilariously poking fun at herself by agreeing to do a bit where other cast members of SNL did their best Barrymore impressions.

Paul Rudd—and Nine Direction

Above Paul Rudd's best man speech on SNL, one of his funniest monologues on the show.

Who could ever resist the adorable Paul Rudd? The actor has hosted SNL three times, all of which were memorable, as he was joined on stage by Paul McCartney at one point and One Direction, Steve Carell, and Will Ferrell at another episode. But what's so likeable about this SNL host is his natural comedic timing and remarks.

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Melissa McCarthy hosts SNL for the fifth time

Above Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL.

Melissa McCarthy frequents the show and does so well in it that some might believe she's a regular. Unfortunately, the actress isn't but that doesn't mean she can't return to SNL for some laughs. Melissa just knows how to get into a character's head and deliver her lines comically which is enough a reason why she's so popular on the show. Oh, and she's brilliant at slapstick comedy, too!

Tom Hanks is still the nicest guy in Hollywood

Above Tom Hanks wears the dad cardigan to become America's Dad in this SNL monologue.

Many see Tom Hanks as the nicest guy in Hollywood—which most likely earned him the label "America's Dad" in the following years. In 2016, the actor donned the stage to finally become America's Dad on SNL by giving a motivational talk directed at the US during election season.