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You don't need to leave your house for answers or a little bit of spiritual guidance in these uncertain times

Being trapped inside for a prolonged period can be taxing on your psychological well-being. Anxiety and perplexity on issues such as relationship, business and purpose are bound to arise with the excessive free time or the physical quarantine. As you're banned from visiting your family oracle right now, from tarot to auspicious calendars, here are a couple of divination apps that may help offer insight and ease your mind during COVID-19. 

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1. Tibetan Calendar Norbu

What does it mean when a day clashes with the year or when it clashes with your birth chart? Following the ancient tradition from the archaic Shang Shung culture, Tibetan Calendar Norbu is a personalised almanac or auspicious calendar for everyday use. Based on the Phugpa lunar calendar system, the user-friendly application marks auspicious and inauspicious days for you and also rates health, business and the circumstance of the day. One of the most fascinating highlights of the app are dates for haircuts. The programme tells you when to get your hair trimmed to increase your charm and health, also warning against unlucky days for a haircut. So, consult the Tibetan Norbu Calendar before setting important meetings or events.

2. Golden Thread Tarot

They say tarot is the gateway divinatory art. Tarot is used to find meaning amidst the chaos, and it is a perfect tool for reflection and creativity. How it works or why we find tarot readings so resonating is still a mystery but try opening a card or two to see for yourself. Unlike astrology, tarot does not require calendars nor calculations— simply think of a question and open a card. As some may have found out, an experienced reader knows your questions without you telling them.

Golden Thread Tarot is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, conveniently available as a phone application and also as a physical deck that you can order. With 22 Major Arcana (greater secrets) and 56 Minor Arcana (lesser secrets), a total of 78 cards will reveal the past, present, future and even give you a look into one's heart. With the application, you don't need to memorise the meanings of each card or carry a physical deck around. All the information is there in your phone. Golden Thread Tarot is also the perfect tool for those who want to learn the art of fortunetelling. The programme teaches you different spreads, or how the cards are placed and read, and you can study each card from the Tarot Database. Another feature anybody, even a total skeptic, can make use of is the My Mirror feature, which allows you to logs your feelings and emotions daily for compilation into a comprehensive statistic of your emotional wellbeing.

3. The Pattern

Perhaps the most mysterious from the list, The Pattern narrates your living pattern, your interactions with others and what awaits in the future. The intriguing application was formulated based on 40 years of astrology experience and is anything but your typical horoscopes. The Pattern is astrology but without the stars. Just by filling the date, time and location of birth, a profile is created with in-depth analysis of your personality traits. What's more fascinating is how the algorithm synchronises your vibration to that of the universe. Cycle length of events with peak times is proposed to you together with suggestions on how to deal with the situation. Like social media, you can add profiles of friends or romantic partners to see how you connect.  

The presentation of the application is broken down to create a pleasant user experience. Long messages are divided into shorter passages to not overwhelm readers. If you need guidance of any kind, The Pattern gives to-the-point advice that's very simple to understand.

4. Tarot Park

In case you have fallen in love with tarot and want to take things to another level, we recommend Tarot Park. With over a hundred different spreads, you can choose from the basic single card reading for yes-no questions to as many as twelve cards. Tarot Park's card database also gives more in-depth information about each card including corresponding astrological and elemental signs for advanced divination purposes.  

5. Way FengShui

We saved Way FengShui last because it combines all the popular forms of Chinese divination in one place. Arguably one of the most comprehensive applications for Chinese oracles available in English, Way FengShui offers you a personalised auspicious calendar, i-ching hexagram divination, telephone number analysis, coin divination and more elaborate tools like the luo pan or feng-shui compass. 

In many Asian countries, geomancy, better known as feng-shui, is a big deal; businessmen pay a fortune to make sure their every move favours success. From floor plans to placements of small charms, everything matters when it comes to harvesting good energy. The right people can be determined by the Chinese art of Bazi, or birth-chart analysis. The divination system points out bigger pictures like the route to riches and whether working or marrying with a particular individual will bring good luck or the opposite. More specific questions can be answered using oracles like the i-ching. The application is also very useful in finding auspicious times to host an event. The feature lets you fill in the birthdate of you and those involved to find the best dates for specific occasions. 

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