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Tatler's man about town Peter Cheung on the ways to love and embrace the stickiest season in Hong Kong

People love to hate on summer in Hong Kong. To anyone who comes at me with these commonly heard excuses, I say pull yourself together and embrace the stickiest season.

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1. "It's too hot!"

You can get virtually anywhere in Central under covered, air-conditioned walkways. Where else in the world can you do that? On the contrary, with the AC levels in Hong Kong, Hong Kong is arguably the coldest place on earth...indoors.

2. “It’s too humid: my hair goes crazy”

The humidity is our fountain of youth, so our faces don’t dry up and prematurely age. As for hair, get a proper wash and blow-dry more often. One thing in Hong Kong we do not have any shortage of is hairdressers. I have friends who literally do not ever wash or blow-dry their own hair.

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3. “There are no big events”

We still have to be careful at this time, so of course not right now. But during normal summers, there are many big events—you probably just don’t get invited. Boo hoo!

4. “There are tourists everywhere”

Are you kidding me? If tourists come back this summer, I will volunteer to greet each one personally at the airport to welcome them to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the global leader in hospitality, service and welcome, and that spirit should be in each and every one of us.

5. “All my friends are out of town”

Two questions: “How many friends do you have?” and “If they are away, how come you were not invited?”

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