Cover The Shek Lei Grind Court in Kwai Chung is the newest basketball court to visit (Photo: Courtesy of Nike)

The Shek Lei Grind Court in Kwai Chung is part of Nike's contribution to creating solutions that will help protect the future of sports

In its bid to create solutions to help protect the future of sports as climate change threatens our planet, Nike transformed and opened a sustainable and artistic basketball court made entirely from Nike Grind materials 20,000 pairs of used sneakers.

The sustainable art project for Shek Lei Grind Court in Kwai Chung marks a new exploration for Nike Grind, a grassroots initiative the came to life in 1992 to repurpose old shoes. Over the years, it has developed into a global sustainability program that continues to positively change the landfill landscape.

"At Nike, we know that the future of sports is directly connected to the future of our planet. Every company has a footprint, and we want our footprint to help shape a better world," said Noel Kinder, Nike's chief sustainable office.

"To do that, we’re harnessing Nike’s innovative spirit and scaling sustainable solutions to reduce waste and combat climate change. Shek Lei Grind Court highlights how we can leverage Nike Grind to turn waste into new opportunities for athletes to make sport a daily habit".

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By repurposing this new public basketball court, it shows that even trash can be given new life that can benefit others. To realise this vision, renowned illustrator and toy designer James Jarvin was invited to create colourful visuals on the courts' Nike Grind surface. He illustrates his signature sphere characters playing basketball on the courts.

Nike also partnered with People's Place which is known for its various revitalisation works that inject creativity, vibrancy and energy into the local community. They have transformed community shopping centres and sports grounds into creative refurbishments that embrace the local vibe and foster a sense of belonging within the neighbourhood.

Shek Lei Grind Court is also set to become a community hub where the underprivileged youth can play, engage and build their self-confidence through active participation in the sport. This specific basketball court was chosen because of its location—surrounded by more than 10 primary and secondary schools, giving the grassroots community access to a healthy sports lifestyle and a new leisure area.

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To kick start, Nike is partnering with InspiringHK Sports Foundation, a local NGO that aims to promote social mobility and inclusion through kids and youth engagement in sports, leveraging the court to benefit kids and youth engagement in sports, leveraging the court to benefit kids and youth to experience the power of sports.

Nike is also extending its global Reuse-A-Shoe program to Shek Lei Grind Court, the program's pilot extension in Hong Kong. It will repurpose worn athletic footwear of any brand into recycled materials, giving them a new life that's not limited to artistic works. The program will run from June 11 onwards at 2/F Atrium, Shek lei Shopping Centre, Phase II, 110 Tai Loong Street, Kwai Chung.

Shei Lei Grind Court opens on June 25 at the upper roof of Shek Lei Shopping Centre Phase I, No. 6, Wai Kek Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

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