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There's more to vegan products than just smoothie bowls and tofu. Unlike before, vegan products are now more accessible and within your reach. This list is for those who would love to explore new plant-based buys this November!

Veganism is not just a diet and it's more than just a healthy alternative. This has been proven yet again by vegans who have successfully made products solely from plants. Although the rise of plant-based products has existed in the market for a while, there are still many products left undiscovered and worth trying even by non-vegans.

Nearing World Vegan Month, small business owners are releasing their new products at a great time. Choices vary from food and drinks to clothes and tooth tabs. Whether you're vegan, transitioning, or just plain curious — it's best to try these tempting products that might suit your taste!

Marahuyo Brew

Start off your day with coffee! The drink functions similarly to what the shop name signifies — it attracts and enchants its customers with the product's aroma, taste, and simple yet sustainable design. The concoction includes all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Marahuyo Brew offers two flavours: Classic Mocha and Almond Dark Mocha. They use local coffee beans and serve their drinks cold. The taste varies depending on the customer's choice. If you prefer soy milk, you can get Classic Mocha. If you like Almond milk in your coffee, you can avail the Almond Dark Mocha blend.

You can start pre-ordering their freshly brewed beverages by sending Marahuyo Brew a message.

The Plant-Based Project

Ever heard of healthy street food? Grab a quick bite (on a stick) from The Plant-Based Project and savour the Filipino staple snack without the guilt. If you're a new vegan convert or just plain curious, you'll start craving their New Vegan Kalye Platter! The platter consists of your favourite picks: isaw, kwek-kwek, barbeque, and more. The platter is served with street food made out of tofu, mushrooms, and other healthy plant-based sources.

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Green Bar

Craving American comfort food? If you're around Manila, check out Green Bar's menu and you'll find yourself browsing through various types of plant-based meals, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and beverages! They also offer Wine o'clock from Mondays to Fridays, 3—5pm. But the fun doesn't stop there. You'll find different pastries from Green Bar like doughnuts and Danish pastries!

To know more, check out their Instagram and Facebook page.


Project Vegan

Onto the final course — if you got a sweet tooth, then prepare for Project Vegan's boxes of vegan doughnuts. So if you've recently started your vegan journey, you'd be surprised to see that there are variants of flavours even for vegan doughnuts! They have Cafe au lait, Doublenut Crunch, The Blizzard, Créme Brûlée, and their best-seller, Boston Cream. 

Berde Eats

Stock up your fridge with frozen vegan products for the week by ordering from Berde Eats on their online grocery store. Once you browse through their menu on their Facebook page, you'll find a list of various vegan products — from cruelty-free meat (or magic meat) to different kinds of plant-based milk. In Berde Eats, you'll discover unique choices such as their new kalabasa milk in glass bottles. They even offer vegan spreads in different flavours such as ham, chicken, and liver.

Wear Vegan

The current obsession for loungewear and sleepwear is not a pointless fad, especially when it's vegan. Most people think vegan products are mostly food. But if you've been to a vegan fair, you'll discover various merchandise to choose from — one of which is clothing. Wear Vegan offers clothing that can be worn almost anywhere (talk about sustainability!) You can even wear it during your Zoom meetings. Its simple style and cossack silhouette are inspired by clothing from the 19th century. The clothes, repurposed from flour sacks, is made to fit small to plus sizes.

Support their "wear one, feed one" advocacy by pre-ordering now. Ten percent of net sales will be donated to different organisations at the end of every month.


Conserve water and lessen plastic waste by ditching toothpaste. Instead, try the Kintab Toothtabs that can last you for five months without harming the environment. This eco-friendly product is as easy as biting, brushing, and rinsing! These three steps will easily clean your teeth with its clove bud oil which has antioxidant, analgesic, and antimicrobial properties. It's even refillable!

They also recently released Kintab Toothtabs in Soft Thyme or Thymol for a fresh and cool after-brush feel.


These are only some of the newest vegan products worth tasting and trying and there will definitely be more to find once World Vegan Month begins this November. You can find more plant-based goodies spread across Metro Manila and other neighbouring cities.

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