Cover Kane Lim, Jaime Xie and Kevin Kreider on Bling Empire (Photo: Netflix)

The actor, model and activist is forthright about his feelings towards alcohol, Asian representation on TV and more—his answers may surprise you

Whether you're here for the eye candy or because you watched (read: binged) Netflix's Bling Empire during lockdown, Kevin Kreider is someone who should be on your radar. The narrator of Netflix's hit series revolving around fabulously wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles, California is more than a pretty face. Without revealing too much, Kreider has one of the most interesting character arcs, with more facets than the gemstones that were flashed on screen.

Hardcore fans may already know, but Kreider also starred in The Ugly Model, which premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival around the same time Bling Empire was being filmed. Doris Yeung's powerful documentary follows Kreider as he tackles topics such as Asian masculinity and harmful stereotypes. Shortly after The Ugly Model premiered, Kreider was invited by TedTalks to share his message about overcoming cultural insecurity (born in South Korea, he was adopted by an American family).

A bold spokesperson for Asian representation on Western television, Kreider often underscores the importance of seeing 'your people' in mass media—not just as the token Asian, but in leading roles. Nevertheless, he still believes there are gaps in the entertainment scene that could be filled.

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An open book, the chiseled celebrity bares all in the following Q&A with Tatler:

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