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After showcasing her acting chops in K-drama Vincenzo and movie Night in Paradise, Korean actress Jeon Yeo-bin is one of the most talked-about actresses today

Korean actress, Jeon Yeo-bin (or Jeon Yeo-been) is on everyone's radar, thanks in part to her acting prowess as lawyer Hong Cha-young in the hit Korean drama, Vincenzo  and as Jae-yeon in Night in Paradise. The actress hasn't been acting for very long but made an impact in every major role that she took on, always rising to the challenge.

While she might be a fresh face to many, she's made sure that she's a name that you should watch out for. If you've been one of the people mesmerised and smitten by her undeniable charms, now is the time to get to know her. Here, we list down all the interesting tidbits to know about Jeon Yeo-bin, including her dramas, age, Instagram and more.

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1. She started acting late

Most celebrities in her generation made their acting debut in their late teens to early twenties but Jeon debuted at 26 years old. She thought about doing acting while she was studying broadcast entertainment at Dongduk Women's University but only took it seriously after graduating. She landed her first role in a short film, The Best Director in 2015.

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2. Her movie 'After My Death' earned her an acting award

While Jeon made her official movie debut in the period film, The Treacherous, it was only a minor role. Her first major movie role was in the film, After My Death, where Jeon showed her potential as an actress. The then-rookie talent, who was already 28 then, played high schooler, Young-hee, who has been accused of pushing her friend to commit suicide.

Her cathartic performance as the meek yet intriguing Young-hee earned her several acting award nominations and bagged an Actress of the Year award at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, putting her name on the list of future stars.

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3. Her first K-drama role

If you're already impressed with Jeon bringing home an acting category for her first major movie role, you'll be surprised that she earned a nomination for Best New Actress at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for her first major K-drama role in Be Melodramatic. While she lost to Itaewon Class' Kim Da-mi, it allowed her to land the life-changing role in what would be her biggest project to date: Vincenzo.

Two years prior to Be Melodramatic, Jeon had a minor role in Save Me as an undercover reporter and Live as a jobseeker.


4. Vincenzo' is her first major lead role

When it was announced that Song Joong-ki would be making his return to the small screen in Vincenzo, many are curious who would be the actress starring alongside him. For a household name like Song, many would expect an A-list actress to be his partner but Jeon bagged the role instead.

Song is a seasoned actor but Jeon proved to be his equal, imbuing her character with such energy and versatility, switching from comedy, romance and drama effortlessly.

In an interview with Netflix, Song joked that when Jeon saw his name as the lead actor for the drama, she might have thought of refusing the role. But instead of being intimidated starring alongside a popular actor, Jeon took on the challenge. And now, she's one of the hottest rising actresses.

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5. She has another Netflix series in the works

Thanks to the popularity of Vincenzo, Jeon nabbed the lead role of Hong Ji-hyo in the upcoming Netflix K-drama, Glitch. Helmed by the team behind the other Netflix Korean original series Extracurricular, Glitch follows Hong as she tracks down her missing boyfriend with the help of members of a UFO club.

Following the announcement of her casting, Netflix says: "Jeon Yeo-bin is expected to portray this multidimensional character in a unique and imaginative way".

6. She loves her 'Night in Paradise' character

Night in Paradise recently debuted on Netflix but the movie actually premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019. Jeon isn't as well-known then but popular noir director, Park Hoon-jung still chose her for the lead role. Speaking to the Korean Herald, Jeon says: "I appreciate director Park for casting me and actor Eom Tae-goo in the lead roles. I am really grateful that he trusted us and that he was willing to go on an adventure with us."

While she definitely made her mark in After My Death, Night in Paradise is her first major film in two years which is probably why her character, Jae-yeon is special. She also says that she loves that Jae-yeon is not reliant on male characters, something that other crime and thriller movies usually depict.

"If Jae-yeon was a character that we normally see in Korean crime films, I don’t think I would have wanted the role," she says. For her role, Jeon learned how to shoot with guns. 

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7. She posts regularly on Instagram

Jeon's Instagram account is quite new and while it was also recently hacked, she was able to get it back though her previous photos have been deleted. She regularly posts on her account, mostly on Instagram stories sharing updates and promoting her upcoming drama, Glitch.

It seems like she also regularly reads comments. In an interview with the Korean Herald, Jeon says: "I recently created my Instagram account and I receive lots of feedback from foreign fans".

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8. She's a Leo

Jeon was able to play a high schooler when she was already in her late 20s so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she's actually older than she looks. Jeon was born on July 26, 1989 in Gangneung, South Korea.

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9. She almost quit acting

Since Jeon started her acting character in her late 20s, she made a promise that if she couldn't make a living out of being an actress by 30, she'd quit. But thanks to the success of her projects, it seems the decision to act late paid off.

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