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Looking for your next travel destination? Let these Instagrammable museums fuel your inner wanderlust.

Travel might be on hold at the moment due to the pandemic but that doesn't mean you can't start wishing or planning your next travel getaway. And there's just so much to see—from unique hotels and treehouses to private islands.

Thinking where to go next? You don't have to look further because right here in Asia, we're blessed with a plethora of hidden gems. As with each of our travels, we love to document all of our trips and share them with the world through Instagram. What better place to visit than those that feel like it's built for the gram?

From pastel-themed interiors and minimalistic designs to colourful sparkling lights, here are our top picks for the most Instagrammable museums in Asia.

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Pinto Art Museum, Philippines

Much like its name, pinto, which means door in Filipino, Pinto Art Museum opens any visitor's world to local Filipino art. Founded in 2010, the museum is built on the principle that art plays a diplomatic role in bridging distinctive nationalities, worldviews and communities.

Housed in a complex designed by artist Antonio Leaño, the museum is one of the most Instagrammed museums in the world. And rightfully so as the two-hectare botanical garden is an ecological haven for visitors and Instagrammers alike.

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teamLab Borderless, Japan

teamLab Borderless opens up a world of artworks without boundaries. This digital art museum, the first of its kind, is created without a map, allowing you to discover the installations and find the way on your own. The artworks themselves move out of rooms, communicate with other works and sometimes even mingle with each other.

It's a fully immerse experience and no matter which area you're in, every corner is worth capturing. From the dazzling lights at the Crystal Universe to the beautiful floating lamps at the Forest of Lamps, it's no wonder that this museum even inspired weddings.

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Selfie Museum, Malaysia

This quirky museum in Kuala Lumpur is dedicated to the art of selfies. Featuring vibrant dessert-themed installations including five Malaysian-themed desserts and multi-sensorial experiences that are sure to tantalise your Instagram feed.

The museum spans an area of 7,000 square feet and nine dessert rooms showcasing your favourite desserts from ice cream, bubble tea to cupcakes. There are some life-sized dessert sculptures too. This Instagram eye-candy will surely give you a sweet tooth.

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National Gallery Singapore, Singapore

The exterior of the National Gallery Singapore is sure to turn some heads. The design by Studio Milou Singapore showcases contemporary architecture to an old building, re-energising yet maintaining a masterful balance between heritage and modernity.

The colonial-style exterior and interior is a worthy place to take some photos as much as the artwork exhibited inside the museum. The Link bridges, Former Supreme Court Terrace and the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery are most of the most awe-inspiring spots.

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Statice Museum, South Korea

Located in the bustling Hongdae, Statice Museum is the perfect place for those looking for a picture-perfect spot. The museum hosts interactive exhibitions where it feels like you just came out of a magazine photo shoot or even a K-pop music video.

The museum encourages visitors to interact with the exhibits showcasing contemporary paintings and sculptures as well as themed areas from a floral universe to a mirror room. Statice Museum is definitely Instagram material.

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Erawan Museum, Thailand

If the Erawan Museum isn't in your travel list the next time you're in Thailand, then it should be. The museum covers three levels each representing the underworld, earth and heaven. The jaw-dropping statues can be seen while the interiors boast incredible mural paintings.

But perhaps the main draw is the splendid, out-of-this-world stained-glass ceiling with exquisite ornaments from walls to the grand staircase. The interior is modelled after the Hindu representation of the universe. The underworld, earth and heaven all blend in together creating a truly breathtaking design.

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Chichu Art Museum, Japan

Need a break from all the splash and colour? Head over to Chichu Art Museum for a breath of fresh air. This minimalistic museum is built to allow visitors to rethink the relationship between nature and people. Located in the stunning island of Naoshima off the coast of the Seto Inland sea, the museum is mostly built underground to avoid disruption to the natural scenery.

The art space is filled with 27 gilded wooden geometric forms and visitors can admire the space under natural light from the ceiling. The use of steel, glass and wood helmed by renowned architect, Tadao Ando is worth boasting. In fact, the entire island of Naoshima, collectively known as Benesse Art Site is a paradise for art lovers.

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Museum Macan, Indonesia

Perhaps Museum Macan's most popular exhibition is Yayoi Kusama and rightfully so given all its the snazzy and colourful lights that's sure to attract any Instagram nerd. But other than that, the museum's growing collection puts the spotlight on modern and contemporary art from Indonesia.

These other artworks are just as Insta-worthy as Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room. In fact, the museum is the first in the country to have both modern and contemporary Indonesian and international art—so if you're in Indonesia, this is the place to be.

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