Cover Everything we chatted about on our Instagram Live with Bling Empire's Cherie Chan. (Photo: Christian Arias)

Tatler had the chance to sit down with Cherie Chan from the Netflix hit this week on Instagram Live—here are five things we learned

Since dropping on Netflix in January, Bling Empire has taken the world by storm––and turned the show’s cast into global celebrities. Tatler Asia’s global creative director Joe Zee sat down for a chat with Cherie Chan to find out what life’s been like since the show aired, to get an update on her and Jessey’s wedding plans, and of course, to ask if there’s any news on when Netflix will drop season two. 

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The cast really is one big family

Even though it’s been over a year since filming on season one of Bling Empire wrapped, the cast still chats on WhatsApp every day and are always looking out for each other. This was perfectly illustrated by Kevin, Kane, Guy, Jessey and Kim’s supportive comments as they tuned into our Instagram Live. 

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Cherie loves Hong Kong—and its food!

When asked her favourite thing about Hong Kong––her mother’s family moved from the city to LA before she was born–– Cherie immediately replied: “Dim sum." She then explained how much she misses Hong Kong restaurants' convenience and picking up her favourite bitter melon smoothies! 

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Her baby son Jevon’s name means “gift from God"

Citing the strength that she found from her pregnancy after losing her mother, Cherie explained that she and Jessey chose their son’s name because of its symbolic meaning. 

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Cherie designs her own clothes, and her and daughter Jadore are always twinning

As well as being a denim heiress and fashion lover––she wore a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress for the live chat––Cherie also designs her own pieces. This red tulle dress is one of her original concepts. 

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There’s no news about Bling Empire season two yet

We were hoping to get confirmation––or at least a hint––that Netflix is planning the much anticipated second season of Bling Empire, but sadly, Cherie wasn’t able to share any news. 

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Watch the full interview with Cherie Chan on IGTV below. 

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