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The convenience of technology can never replace the good ol' charm of a physical book planner. Adding to its appeal are these homegrown labels that have put their own unique spin on the traditional diary

1. Summorie x Jirayu Koo

This collaboration between Thai illustrator Jirayu Koo and the Malaysian stationery brand Summorie unites geometric and abstract art with the codified world of planners and notebooks, inspiring one to get organised in the company of bright colours that pop.

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2. Mossery x Whimsigirl

Inspired by the bold hues of precious stones and natural rock formations, the Mossery x Whimsigirl 2020 planners feature 4 gorgeous illustrated covers. In addition, its build-your-own service allows you inscribe your own name or initials.

3. ana tomy

This organiser specialist ensures that every notebook is uniquely yours with customisable ribbons and covers. Get your creative juices flowing with its collaborations with visual artist Janice Sung and Barcelona-based brand, Don Fisher. 

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4. The dUCk Group

Sophisticated and chic, this 2020 planner comes in 2 delightful colours - bumblebee yellow and bright red. If you prefer the classic route, there's also black. Functional complements like an envelope, a die-cut bookmark and a magnetic clasp only make it cooler.

5. Tudung People

Abstract or floral? These distinct planners from the fashion brand can also help you become a better person with pages dedicated to a prayer list, Ramadan goals and inspirational quotes. 

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