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Manila songbird, Moira Dela Torre, continues to rise above the pinnacles of her career. Having been lauded for her heartfelt voice, she's become a true luminary for contemporary Filipino sound

If there's one thing to be said about Moira Dela Torre, it's that the Manila songbird is incredibly likeable. Not in the shallow, generic way that some artists can be; no, Moira Dela Torre is impactful in her heartfelt lyrics and sweet melodies. Today, she continues to amass fans from all walks of life, all of whom are able to relate to the singer's very personal (yet universal) themes and lyrics. It seems that geography and social background matter very little when it comes to her fan base; most Filipinos simply identify with her. 

"I will never forget what my former handler always used to tell me when I was starting. She said: 'write to express, never to impress'—and I've carried that with me ever since," Dela Torre shares. The singer, who's behind the Himig-Handog winning single "Titibo-Tibo", stresses the importance of authenticity in an industry that can oftentimes be all about an image. "Stay true to yourself and don't be afraid to use your real voice! Your audience will find you; you don't have to adjust your music based on what you perceive the audience likes," she advises young musicians. "Your life, your journey, [and] the stories you tell are all meant to inspire certain people from different walks of life."

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Is this authenticity then the secret to success? Perhaps. Dela Torre has never been one to stray too far away from her OPM roots, and she's optimistic that the local industry can succeed internationally. "Pinoys, collectively as an audience, can catapult artists' careers to international prominence. I believe there's already progress, but I know in my heart we can do so much more when we celebrate our own." 

As a nation rich in history, the Philippines also has its unique take on music, one that Dela Torre takes advantage of when creating her own. "We feel things differently. We love differently. And it shows in Filipino music," she shares. "Somewhere in between the lines, you will always find empathy and the heartbeat of a Filipino who loves and loves well."

Now, the young artist reveals that she's managed to bring those very stories—and that unique Filipino flair—onto a new EP that's been recorded in Los Angeles. "We are [also] concluding the Patawad Era (which is the winter season) this February with a music video for "Paubaya", which talks about forgiveness that brings freedom and healing, not just for the person being forgiven but also for yourself." As the young musician continues to grow bigger and bigger, we can only imagine that she'll be taking us—and the rest of the country—along with her onstage. 

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Dela Torre's most recent efforts have involved plenty of activism. She was one of the artists most vocal about her support for former presidential candidate, Leni Robredo. In 2022, the singer released "Ipanalo Natin To" and "Laban Leni!" (the second one in collaboration with other musical artists) as a show of support for the independent runner. She also freely volunteered to perform at Robredo's rallies, debunking myths that she was paid millions to appear onstage.

Though her personal troubles with former partner, Jason Hernandez, have been making headlines these past couple of weeks, Dela Torre continues to be a shining light to plenty of people around the country, serving as an inspiration for public figures, artists, creatives, and fellow Filipinas. 


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