Cover Mohlia founder, Simran Mohinani (Photo: Courtesy of Ali G Studios)

Mohlia is branching out to a new store in K11 Musea this July following their successful pop-up launch the past winter

Flower store, Mohlia is opening a new store in K11 Musea in early July of this year, following their successful pop-up launch in Hong Kong Island last winter. Their Hollywood Road store will be relocated to Kowloon to allow flower lovers and enthusiasts to share the joy and bask in the glory, surprises and stunning aesthetics that the new shop will bring.

Since its creation last July, Mohlia has touched the hearts and homes of people across 93 countries. The team has expanded on their brand mission to become affordable yet of the highest quality, sustainable and globally accessible by joining forces and collaborating with beloved brands across the gifting industry including Fortum and Mason, Patchi and Sugarfina for the foodies to Malabar Baby for the littles ones.

This coming September, they're also launching their own private wine label to transport the Mohlia experience further into the luxury gifting section and provide their customers with additional convenience when shopping for anything gift-related.

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"At Mohlia, we are known for being the solution, for allowing people to love the flowers they buy or are gifted forever, or at least for the next 1–3 years, whether they hail from our seeded roots of Hong Kong, or want them delivered globally," says founder and CEO, Simran Mohinani.

"Now, our loyal clientele can shop our products and collaborations in a coveted local landmark filled with all the luxuries, synesthetic experiences and elements of customization that they love," she adds.

The new store at K11 Musea will include a scent bar and customisation section to allow customers to add a personal touch to each arrangement they choose to bring home. Visitors can switch out rose colours, craft custom arrangements and add diamond powder or spray on a CBD diffuser to the followers and even drop by one of the custom-made Parisian atelier scents to your personal bouquet.

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