Cover Photo: Sixth Sense and Kandl Scent

From George Town in Penang, these lifestyle brands believe that less is more

1. Sixth Sense

With stores scattered across the core heritage zone of George Town, Sixth Sense's collection ranges from earth-toned linen dresses and structured, timeless blouses to bold, geometric accessories.

"We always search for inspirations from nature; our keywords are organic and nature. We source our fabrics from a sustainable supplier and we hope our designs are timeless," says Daniel Tan, manager of Sixth Sense.

Founded in 2014, it began as an online store before opening a brick-and-mortar that's been curated to offer a more immersive shopping experience for customers.

"For us, minimalism means living a simple lifestyle and focusing on what is essential. Minimalism doesn't mean having less, but having what is important and meaningful to you. So you have to truly understand what you want and who you are."

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2. Kandle Kandle

Kandle Kandle was founded in 2018 by candle enthusiast Chew Kah Peng who loved searching for scented candles wherever he went. Since this hobby was burning a hole in his wallet, he decided to make his own candle. That was how he ended up founding Kandle Kandle with his partner Junor Law.

It aims to provide scented candles that is not only affordable but also kinder to the environment. All their candles are made from soy-based wax.

"We decided to use soy wax for several reasons. Soy wax produces zero petro-carbon soot, which is healthier since candles made from paraffin leave soot that contains carcinogenic compound," Chew notes. Besides, according to him, soy wax leaves no black stains on the edge of the jar after burning, keeping it clean all the time. 

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3. Mucca Paper

From notebooks to planners and other stationaries, Mucca Paper has made jotting down ideas on paper a delightful experience. If you're a fan of traditional note-taking and keeping a journal, this homegrown brand uses handcrafted clothbound covers and acid free papers made in Sweden to make its beautiful products, complete with customisable features.

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4. Kandl Scent

Made out of soy wax, the artisanal candle by Kandl Scent explore the nuances of the Danish philosophy of hygge living which means a quality of cosiness, calm and a feeling of contentment. With a unique collection of sweet, fresh and musky scents such as Lime and Vanilla, Gardenia and Lemongrass, Pine and Sandalwood, and Rosemary and Geranium, the best thing is you don't have to travel all the way to Penang for them - the candles are also available at Mano Plus GMBB right here in Kuala Lumpur. 

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5. Nyo Cup

These gorgeous reusable cups are bringing out the environmentalist in us. Available in the charmingly rustic lifestyle store The Warung in Lebuh Victoria, NyoCup fashions these containers out of borosilicate glass that's resistant to thermal.

"The awareness of zero waste has been climbing, but there is still a lot that needs to be done," says Ooi Zhi Yi, the founder of NyoCup. "We're trying our best to create awareness on the importance of using reusable products and reducing waste."

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