Cover Adrian MOAR by Joan Cornellà on screen (Photo: Courtesy of K11 Musea)

Explore the new frontier of art at K11 Musea’s pioneering NFT Showcase Metavision, Hong Kong’s most diverse NFT exhibition to date

Metavision is an exciting new exhibition of NFT art and educational programme landing at K11 Musea, Hong Kong’s most unique cultural-retail destination.

This innovative, immersive showcase is a curation of some of the globally most coveted NFT artworks to date, with over 200 pieces by more than 30 solo artists and NFT projects, displayed over nine floors to be explored at leisure. Visitors can get up close and personal with more than 26,000 ETH (approximately US$82 million+) worth of NFT artworks, displayed together for the very first time through digital screens, blending the realms of online, offline, fine art and pioneering technology in groundbreaking style.

The exhibition will be one of the first and largest physical showcases of blockchain art in Hong Kong, with an aim of democratising and demystifying the dynamic world of NFT art and unlocking the vast possibilities of the metaverse—the next generation of the internet—to everyone.

A Revolutionary Showcase

Metavision encapsulates K11 Musea’s all-encompassing approach to culture, with an eclectic, carefully curated selection of NFT artworks from talents established and emerging, international and homegrown, making this a must-visit for NFT novices and experienced enthusiasts alike. Among the more than 200 NFTs on display, around 100 are available to purchase. And if a particular piece catches your eye, you can simply scan the accompanying QR code for information on how to buy it.
Globally recognised names on display include Bored Ape Yacht Club, a favourite with celebrities Eminem and Snoop Dogg; CloneX, whose avatars were created in collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami; Tom Sachs, whose customisable NFTs are crafted from rocket parts; and Azuki, whose avatars grant exclusive access to streetwear collectibles. Local contributions include Felix Ip’s nostalgic visions of Hong Kong; eight-year-old Arthus Ng’s digital snakes and his mother Ching Lee’s digital animations; and Hong Kong-based The French Girl’s vibrant heart motifs.

Limitless Possibilities

K11 Musea has also created an educational programme to encourage visitors of all ages to experience and explore the boundless opportunities offered by NFT artworks and blockchain technology. 

K11 Kulture Academy workshops will show visitors how to mint their own NFTs. Meanwhile, museum-quality Metavision tours will highlight the stories behind some of the NFTs on display, with special tutorials for those wishing to open crypto-wallets. 

Discussions with artists Ng, Ip and The French Girl will give an inside glimpse on creating NFT works, while talks on K11 Musea’s social media platforms, Apple podcast and Spotify with digital currency experts, NFT art collectors and art administrators will offer more in-depth perspectives on the many facets of the metaverse. 
Metavision by K11 Musea & HSBC runs until mid-June, 2022. Book Guided Tours here

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