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Manila House Private Club's latest talk, "Cutting of Oxygen: Can We Live Without Social Media", has left us with helpful tips that can make our time on social media healthier during a pandemic

Manila House Private Club's recent webinar shed light on social media's effects amidst a pandemic. Moderated by Bambina Olivares, the "Cutting of Oxygen: Can We Live Without Social Media" webinar stirred an interesting discussion among personalities whose careers mostly hinge on the online world. The audience was able to hear from content creator Macoy Averilla, Instagram product marketing lead Alex De Leon, EON's strategic planning lead Teddy Mapa and research analyst Andrea Duldulao, and psychologists Mara Yusingco and Ian Agustin.

After the talk, we were able to gather three of the most significant things to keep in mind when connecting through social media while keeping your distance in real life.

Read below to know how to lessen your social media use to get a healthier lifestyle:


1. Focus On Optimistic Content

We're quite susceptible to doomscrolling during these challenging times. Unfortunately, constantly seeing negative posts can affect you completely. EON's research analyst Andrea Duldulao mentioned how this can cause extreme stress and information overload. Instagram's product marketing lead even shared how often they work to ensure false news doesn't cause more people distress. So, instead, focus on positive content. Follow more people who bring happiness, find content that enhances the mind rather than troubles it.

2. Limit Your Screen Time

We often hear people say the term "social media detox" which refers to limiting the use of social media applications. Some would delete their social media app either for days or weeks just to keep themselves away from another hour of endless scrolling. But it appears that we don't have to turn away from the online world completely. Mara Yusingco, a psychologist and instructor at the Ateneo de Manila University, explained that overusing social media can definitely harm a person. Psychologist Ian Agustin agreed, which means that you don't need to delete Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter permanently. You just need to use it moderately.

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3. Don't Pay Attention To The Comments

Macoy Averilla, also known as Macoy Dubs, shared that he refuses to read comments on social media. Considering the abundance of satire in his videos, Macoy will always be prone to criticism. But the content creator finds this as part of "social media's ecosystem". Much like Macoy, we can either learn from the comments or choose not to pay attention to them as much. Which only circles back to the first tip—keep your timeline full of optimism.

All you have to do is simply remember these three effective tips to have a healthier experience on social media.

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