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These shutterbugs and their social media musings are all you need to get inspired right now

1. Wazari Wazir

An official photographer for the Malaysian government, Wazari Wazir's Instagram is peppered with regal snapshots of public officials, royal ceremonies and Malaysia's most breathtaking landmarks. 

Wazir's 109,000 followers also get to see his softer side from time to time, displayed in heartwarming family moments and other creative shots involving his gleeful children.       

Follow him on Instagram at @wazari_wazir.

2. Rayyiu Radzi

Documentary photographer Ray Radzi has travelled all over the world, revealing its wonders to his growing Instagram audience via stunning and meaningful photos which he uploads sans captions. 

Follow him on Instagram at @rayyiuradzi.

3. Sheryl Ng

Content creator, influencer, photographer and entrepreneur: Sheryl Ng wears many hats and juggles them all admirably. The young artist started shooting with her phone at the age of 14 and grew to love digital photography in the years that followed.

She has given workshops in collaboration with Sony Malaysia and continues to dazzle her 89,000 followers on Instagram with stunning portraits and travel snapshots. 

Follow her on Instagram at @sherylnsy. 

4. Patrick Teow

There's never a dull moment with Patrick Teow. While his true calling is to be out and about in Kuala Lumpur capturing everyday details and scenes that are overlooked, he has a knack for working with whatever is on hand to create dazzling photos – including a bag of cheezels and some miniature figurines. (Swipe left to find out how the above photo was taken)

Follow him on Instagram at @heartpatrick


5. Nadirah Zakariya

We're always in awe at Nadirah Zakariya's ability to translate her passion into one of her projects. Her works have been featured in The New York Times and Vogue Italia, while her video-directing chops are evident in the music videos she has worked on with celebrities like Nur Fazura, DJ Blink and more. 

Follow her on Instagram at @nadirahzakariya.

6. Nana Safiana

Be not misled by this demure image of Nana Safiana, the documentary photographer is anything but timid when it comes to her work. She has backpacked through Kyrgyzstan, cycled from Ürümqi in West China to Tashkurgan and more, moved by stories of people who survive under challenging circumstances.

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As an artist, Safiana is largely inspired by the hardships endured by her Vietnamese immigrant parents who fled to Malaysia during the Vietnam War.    

Follow her on Instagram at @nanasafiana.

7. SC Shekar

A true globetrotter and storyteller, the former The Star newspaper photojournalist has been all around Malaysia and Southeast Asia documenting the lives of various people. Shekar's works have been published in a variety of books (check out his 2002 book, Gilding the Lily, a poignant photo series of women in rural Malaysia) and exhibited at The National Art Gallery.

He's also worked on international architecture and hospitality projects with brands like Shangri-La and Four Seasons. 

Follow him on Instagram at @scshekar.   

8. Jenny Sun

The name Jenny Sun is often heard in the wedding photography circuit in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. Lately, however, we've seen a huge show of love and support for Jenny and her Sydney-based graphic designer sister Jillian on their personal Instagram page.

Taking turns to post stories and beautiful visual content on this platform, the sisters love inspiring their audience with upbeat photos covering travel, family life and gorgeous flat-lays. 

Follow Jenny and Jillian on Instagram at @twothreadedpoppies

9. Sanjit Das

Interspersing serene moments of family life with jarring images of real-life situations and struggles from around the world, Bloomberg photo editor Sanjit Das commands the respect of over 15,000 followers on Instagram. Known for highlighting social issues in developing countries, Das' works have been featured in TIME, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. 

Follow him on Instagram at @sanjitdas.  

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