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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be less fun or romantic in the Covid-19 era

With the lockdown and semi-lockdown still in place for many parts of the world, February 14 is going to look a little unconventional for many this year. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something a little different to show some appreciation for your loved one.

Plus, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so the question is: Why not?

Whether you're together or apart this Valentine’s Day, or if you want to do a little something special for yourself (because self-love is equally as important and Singles Awareness Day is the day after anyway), here are some stay-at-home ideas to break the monotony of lockdown and have something to look forward to.

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Breakfast in Bed

Nothing screams classic Valentine's Day more than treating yourselves to a lovey-dovey first meal of the day in bed. Be sure to plan ahead and prepare unless if you’re aiming to serve just cold cereal. Check your pantry and shop for the needed items or pre-order from your favourite bakery.

The only thing better than this is an early morning downpour outside at the same time, perfect for enjoying a yummy meal made with love and cosying up under the covers.

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Finders Keepers

Confined within four walls? No problem. Your home can still be a haven for a memorable Valentine's Day celebration. Make full use of your space by setting up the ultimate treasure hunt at home. Create your own clues or riddles (include an inside joke or two) on Post-It notes and hide them around the house. Don't forget to include a gift at the end!

Watch with glee as your loved one attempts to turn the house upside down finding for clues before landing on the final surprise.

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Vlog your Valentine's Day

Celebrate your unique habits and mannerisms with each other by documenting your entire day together. If you've got activities lined up for the day, such as preparing and enjoying breakfast in bed or searching for clues on a treasure hunt at home, why not get those on camera?

After all, what better way to really make your Valentine’s Day one to remember and something you can look back on whenever you want?

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Let There Be Music

Songs are like timestamps, marking a time, moment, or memory in our lives. If a shared interest in music is what connects you, why not make a Spotify playlist of your favourite songs and have it playing all day? It could consist of songs from the concerts you've attended together or uplifting tracks from all the dance music festivals you've both been to.

You might end up spontaneously breaking into a duet (impromptu karaoke, anyone?) or busting a move so go ahead and sing or dance like nobody's watching!

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A Day of Firsts

Celebrating Valentine's Day under lockdown for the first time? Then make it a day of firsts! Search for a new recipe and whip up dessert or cocktails for each other. Test your gaming prowess as a team. Buy some art supplies and DIY cards or love letters for each other. Build a complex Lego project or jigsaw puzzle together. Challenge yourselves to a bake-off.

The only catch is that they must be activities you've never done before or you're not already a pro at. The possibilities are endless and psst, these would make for really good vlogging material too.

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Fine Dine In

Just because you're spending Valentine's Day at home, it doesn't mean that you can't play dress-up. Whether you're having a simple homecooked meal, getting fine dine delivered, or grabbing your favourite pizza from a humble, neighbourhood cafe, you can class up the experience by dolling up and dressing to the nines like you're going on an actual date.

After ignoring your wardrobe for so many months, it'd be nice to finally get out of your pyjamas and into your 'outside clothes' for once.

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Set Up Camp

With travel so far out of reach and your itch for adventure left unscratched, you need to get creative. So why not use your outdoor space or garden as your very own glamping 'getaway'? All you need is a tent, cosy bedding or an air mattress, fluffy pillows, fairy lights for that extra hint of romance, scented candles, a portable drink cooler, a chock-full of snacks, insect repellent (very important!), and some entertainment of your choice.

Don't have an outdoor space? Unexpected bad weather? Simply move this indoors and turn your living room into a glamping site.

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