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Don't let the pandemic hold your dreams of becoming a rockstar! Here are local music schools that you can find online.

At one point, all of us dreamt of becoming a rockstar; but nobody holds the guitar and becomes Neil Young overnight. Luckily, you can learn to play different instruments in the comfort of your own room.

Listed in this article are online music schools where you could learn how to play the guitar, piano, and whatever it is that you need on stage!

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1. Guitar: School Of Rock

The School of Rock Philippines has a music program that enables students to join a gigging band composed of other musicians from their school. In this class, students can take one-on-one music instruction online weekly. 

During the online lessons, students will be given songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience, and ability to learn new skills and concepts. They will then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce.

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2. Piano: Sharps N' Flats

It's not too late to lay your fingers on the piano and channel your inner Mozart! With Sharps N' Flats, you can learn how to play the instruments in just one month. Although the lesson is initially for children eight years and below, the school can surely make way for adults who want to play the keys.

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3. Drums: Yupangco Music Academy

A rock band would be incomplete without a great drummer. If you want to learn how to play this instrument, Yupangco Music Academy can be of great help. The school will teach you how to read sheet music, count time pages, and learn variations and patterns. 

For PHP15,000, students can learn the following:

  • Notation, grip, stick control & footwork, style studies 8thbeat
  • Stick control (dotted rhythms & 16th notes rests, syncopation, style studies
  • Stick control (triplets), funk beats, fill-in exercises, articulation

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4. Voice: Jojo Acosta

Time to say yes to karaoke nights! Voice coach Jojo Acosta, who has handled renowned bands and artists like Rivermaya and Lovi Poe, will not let you down. In his 35-years of teaching, there is only one thing Jojo can say: anyone can sing! 

Some of the services he offers are voice coaching, performance coaching, musical arrangement, concert and overall show direction, and recording coaching. 

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