From sketches in a travel journal to floral watercolour paintings, these artists will enhance the beauty of your Instagram account.

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One rainy weekend, I sat hunched in front of my coffee table, a doodle book and an unopened box of colour pencils being my only companions. I stared at the doodle waiting to be decorated for a good 30 minutes, before closing the book completely and moving onto my laptop where a fresh episode of Orange is the new Black eagerly awaited me. At least, there was some colour there!

While my failed attempt at being artsy is something I refuse to comment on, there are some budding artists and creative geniuses out there, who make art seem as easy as making cup noodles. Just add some hot water, albeit with some colour, composition and a lot of creativity.

If you are an artist looking for some inspiration or just somebody who appreciates good art, here are some illustrators you should bear in mind when the creative juices run dry. (Or if you just need something pretty to look at.)


A tarot card reader, Evon creates artistic travel journals with news clipping, stamps, sketches and other materials that draw her imagination. She also does tutorials on creating your own travel journals with her video series named Journal With Me.

@ Wei.tieng

Based in Penang, Wei Tieng is the founder of Black Milk Project where she hopes to create an entrepreneurial springboard for art enthusiasts, local artists and crafters. Her Instagram feed is perhaps the cleanest one you will come across, reflecting her minimalistic yet elegant style of creating art.


This artist from Sabah creates charming water colour illustrations that are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed. Follow her to get a better glance at her creations.


Emila Yusof is an illustrator and author of children’s books and has received several awards for her adventures with pen, paper and colours. The ardent traveller that she is, her Instagram feed is filled with illustrations, photographs and musings from her travels interspersed with cups of coffee she evidently likes to enjoy.


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This talented make-up artist and calligrapher has a following of 31.6 K credits to her creative Instagram feed where she posts pictures not only of her stunning art work but also her travel journals and colourful stationery that will compel anyone to the pen (or water colours in this instance) and paper.


If calligraphy, kitschy stationery, food and travel is what you enjoy the most, Emily’s Instagram feed is all that and more. Along with writing interesting food reviews and giving lifestyle tips on fitting in old pair jeans and sending a postcard (true story), she conducts calligraphy workshops across the city for other budding calligraphers.


Beautiful floral watercolour paintings and postcards in different hues of pink, red, blue, yellow, purple and green adorn the feed of this water colour artist and calligrapher. If you ever need inspiration for a DIY postcard, check her mini-tutorials videos or keep an eye open for her much-anticipated workshops.

 Known for blending art and food, artist Dudu's coffee inspired artwork, is one you simply cannot miss.