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Search giant Google celebrates International Women's Day by paying homage to the many female trailblazers throughout history.

If you opened up your Google homepage today, you would have noticed something different about the logo. In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the search giant released a video Doodle that highlights a series of firsts achieved throughout women’s history. 

It is worth highlighting that Google has already released numerous Doodles over the years that feature notable women throughout history and around the world who have achieved great things. This year’s Doodle “raises a hand” to all women from the past, present and future who have made or are making a difference.

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Above Google Doodle for International Women's Day 2021

No doubt the 41-second long video doesn’t have enough time to cover the entire history of achievements by women, but it is nevertheless a powerful clip that shows the remarkable stories and feats achieved by the fairer sex across the world.

Illustrated by Helene Leroux, who drew influences from her own grandmother to create the images adorning global Google homepages, the short but memorable video highlighted the achievements of female pioneers who have challenged the status quo and paved the way in the fields of education, civil rights, science, art and more. 

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Leroux said:

I wanted to find a way to represent a diverse range of women's accomplishments globally, while peaking curiosity of who the specific 'firsts' are. So that was quite the challenge! I eventually realised that close-up hands highlighting women in their different fields throughout time would be a great way to pay homage. I wish I could have the time to draw even more.



Though the Doodle doesn’t directly name the notable figures who have made these great sacrifices and achievements, they depict the hands that have opened the doors for many generations of women. From the first women to cast a vote, to pioneering female scientists, writers, athletes and artists around the world, it is a fitting homage to all the brilliant women across history.

You can learn even more about women’s impact on history and culture on Google Arts & Culture.

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