While innovation in art is no new concept, Ink Asia takes it a step further with mixing the contemporary with an age-old tradition

黃致陽Huang Zhiyang_ Zoon-北京生物之春1號Zoon-Beijing Bio Spring No.1_水墨絹本Ink on silk_475 x 120 cm x 5屏475 x 120 cm x 5 panels_2013_墨齋,北京Ink Studio, Beijing.jpg

Huang Zhiyang, Zoon-Beijing Bio Spring No.1 (2013)

Ink on silk, 475 x 120 cm x 5 panels | Ink Studio, Beijing | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016

Ink Asia, the premier art fair dedicated to showcasing contemporary ink, is back for its second year following a resoundingly successful debut in 2015. Featuring some 1,000 works of modern and contemporary ink art by fifty exhibitors across East Asia, artists and galleries alike will be coming together at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from December 16-18 to create a dynamic and engaging space to celebrate the different perspectives of ink art in all its forms.

The 2016 edition of Ink Asia will be collaborating with numerous scholars, curators and galleries to present a number of exhibitions inspired by particular themes. “Contemporary Calligraphy”, for example, will introduce the work of contemporary calligraphy artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, and their fresh takes on a historic Chinese tradition. “INK+” is an old favourite reincarnated and has once again invited artists to display alternative and innovative pieces created with the combination of non-traditional media with ink concepts. The art fair will also be working together with the Ink Society to hold the first Contemporary Ink Dialogues, a series of discussions and seminars by those prominent in the ink art field.

“Ink Asia acts as a platform for both traditional and brand-new ideas through a dialogue between of works of art,” says Calvin Hui, Director of Ink Asia. “Living in the information age, nowadays we are able to appreciate and collect art pieces anytime and anywhere. Since many kinds of media can access art, it is crucial to consider the way ink art communicates with the world for its future development.”

Click through the gallery below to preview some of the highlighted works at the fair.

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 彭康隆Peng Kanglong_花魂 Soul of Flowers_紙上水墨Ink on paper_188 x 96.5 cm _2016_3812畫廊,香港 3812 Gallery Hong Kong.jpg

Peng Kanglong, Soul of Flowers (2016)

Ink on paper, 188 x 96.5 cm | 3812 Gallery Hong Kong | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016


劉國松Liu Kuo-sung_寒山雪霽Wintery Mountains Covered with Snow_木刻浮水印 版數100 Woodblock print Edition of 100_ 100  x 64 cm_2014_Loftyart.jpeg

Liu Kuo-sung, Wintery Mountains Covered with Snow (2014)

Woodblock print Edition of 100, 100 x 64 cm | Loftyart | Courtesy of Ink Art 2016


李義弘Lee Yi- Hong_嘯風挾浪Wild Stormy Sea Waves Crashing into Rocks_日本金箋紙Gold paper from Japan_89.3 x 89.3 cm _2016_羲之堂,台北Xizhitang Gallery, Taipei.jpg

Lee Yi- Hong, Wild Stormy Sea Waves Crashing into Rocks (2016)

Gold paper from Japan, 89.3 x 89.3 cm | Xizhitang Gallery, Taipei | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016 


林國成Lin Guocheng_暗香系列二Hidden Fragrance II_鋼筆水墨、紙本Pen and Chinese ink on paper_237x152cm_3812畫廊,香港3812 Gallery, Hong Kong.jpg

Lin Guocheng, Hidden Fragrance II

Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 237x152cm | 3812 Gallery, Hong Kong | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016

沈勤Shen Qin_黑·村 11.15 Ink Village 11.15_紙本水墨,四聯Ink on paper, Tetraptych_139 x 267 cm_2015_艾米李畫廊,北京Amy Li Gallery, Beijing.jpg

Shen Qin, Ink Village 11.15 (2015)

Ink on paper, Tetraptych, 139 x 267 cm | Amy Li Gallery, Beijing | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016


袁旃Yuan Jai_尋石園之一Stone Garden Lost I _重彩絹本Ink and colour on silk_ 108 x 62 cm_2008_寒舍空间,台北My Humble House Art Gallery, Taipei.jpg

Yuan Jai, Stone Garden Lost I (2008)

Ink and colour on silk, 108 x 62 cm | My Humble House Art Gallery, Taipei | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016 


黃孝逵Wong Hau Kwei_清水居2014·07·01 Clear Water Bay 1st July 2014_設色紙本Ink and colour on rice paper_ 68 x 136 cm_2014_榮寶齋(香港)有限公司,香港.jpg

Wong Hau Kwei, Clear Water Bay 1st July 2014 (2014)

Ink and colour on rice paper, 68 x 136 cm | Rong Bao Zhai Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong | Courtesy of Ink Asia 2016

INK ASIA will be held on December 16-18 at Hall 3G of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. www.inkasia.com.hk