A chat with artist Ivan Lam following the opening of his latest artwork collection entitled 'Vanity Project X' at Wei-Ling Contemporary, The Gardens Mall. 

His work epitomizes the essence of a true artist; someone who is willing to innovate, evolve and take risks. He was the only Malaysian artist to be given a solo exhibiotn at the inagural fair at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013.One of his prominent pieces can still be seen in the Louis Vuitton Malaysian Flagship store in Kuala Lumpur. And he’s back yet again with his new collection Vanity Project X. Yes, we are talking about celebrated artist Ivan Lam.

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Showcasing at Wei-Ling Contemporary until June 12, The Gardens Mall, Vanity Project X is a series of nine artworks with the composition of each piece being split into two parts. The new body of work represents the artist’s self revelation, after a rather unsettling period in his life; realising that the only way to go from where he stands, is up.

main-profile-photo.jpg (original size)Artsit Ivan Lam with his daughters at the showcasing of Vanity Project X at Wei-Ling Contemporary.

 We get to know the man behind the canvas through a chat with artist Ivan Lam.

You have given the art world two decades of some extraordinary creations. What was your first work of art?

I recall doing a pencil artwork for kindergarten class. It's a picture of a shopping mall, back when malls were still a rare sight in the urban scene.

If you were to name an artist you admire the most, who would that be?

French revolutionary artist Edgar Degas.

What according to you are the three traits necessary for being a successful artist?

Work smart, work hard, and be honest to one self.

What would your perfect weekend be like?

In my studio.

A habit you picked up through your professional career which you would like to change.

Over indulgence in my own thoughts and work. 

Name the person who motivates and inspires you to give your best even when times are tough.

My gallerist, Lim Wei-Ling.

They can't kill us all (2016)

Ivan Lam - They Can't Kill Us All (2016) | Synthetic house paint, pencil and resin on canvas on board.

potrait-o2.jpg (original size)

Ivan Lam - T Marks The Spot (2017) | Beeswax,soy wax, gunpowder, vinyl,wick,aluminium holder on board.

potrait1.jpg (original size)

Ivan Lam - The Greatest Hits -Compilation Vol. 1 (2017) | Synthetic house paint, beeswax, latex, sequins, pencil, vinyl, cassette tape and resin on board

Highlighting common issues in society such as global warming, greed and war with his latest collection, artist Ivan Lam has once again pushed the boundaries of his practice further and left an important message for us all: to be able to advance is to able to let go.

 Vanity Project X is currently being showcased at Wei-Ling Contemporary, at RTO1 sixth floor,The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur until the June 12. Admission hours to the exhibition are from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-7pm.

For more information visit, weiling-gallery.com.

(Photos : Wei-Ling Gallery)

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