Hong Kong Art Week is just around the corner. But if you haven’t yet received an invite to one of the exhibition openings or art parties, don’t worry—there’s still time. Here is our guide on how to get your name on the list:

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Get in touch

Sometimes it’s just about knowing who to contact to get invited to events. Call up the galleries that are hosting the exhibition opening or party you want to attend or, even better, if they have a PR team, contact them directly. Be polite and express your genuine interest in the event, but don’t be pushy. 

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You've got mail

If you visit galleries on a regular basis, it’s always good to leave your details in the visitor guest book or sign up to their mailing list. Often, galleries send out regular updates about events and openings. If it’s too late to do this, sign up anyway to be notified for the next edition of Art Week and other art events throughout the year.

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Phone a friend

Know people who regularly circulate in the art scene, be it art writers, collectors, curators or artists? Sometimes it’s good to tap into your network. Find out which parties and events your friends will be heading to and see if you can join as a plus one—but don't call up your gallerist acquaintance you've never bought works from and harass them for a VIP pass to Art Basel Hong Kong.

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Respect the RSVP

Once you’ve received an invite, it’s always polite to respond and let the organiser know that you’ll be attending and if you'll be bringing any guests. Nothing is more awkward than standing at the door and insisting your name is on the list. That said, it’s not nice to RSVP and tell them you’ll be bringing 10 other friends.

It's also not nice—and not a good look—to be a party crasher. If you weren't invited to a clearly invite-only event, don't act surprised when you get turned away at the door. 

Don't fret, though. If all else fails, follow @hongkongtatler and @theartling in Instagram for regular photo and video updates from inside Hong Kong Art Week's most exciting and exclusive parties—including our own. 

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