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From candles and prints, to bags and masks, here are some of the best Hong Kong-themed brands that you can shop from

We all love Hong Kong for different reasons. Be it the impressive skyscrapers and architecture, the various hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, traditional craft, beautiful temples—there are just a million reasons to love Hong Kong. And while we can always photograph every nook and cranny of the city, sometimes, we also just want a piece of it that we can keep at home, as a reminder of our love for the city.

Lucky for us, a number of homegrown brands are offering various Hong Kong-themed goods that we can buy from. From candles, prints, bags and masks, here are some of the best Hong Kong-themed brands that you can shop from for your next gift-gifting or to simply find a design that speaks of your love for the city.

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1. The Lion Rock Press

The Lion Rock Press is a homegrown brand producing high quality yet affordable products, most of which feature various Hong Kong-themed goods. With family virtue as the brand's greatest asset, every single greeting card and gift tag was folded by the owner's 90-year-old grandmother in her Mid-Levels apartment until she passed away.

The Lion Rock Press passes on this virtue in their products, showcasing the beauty of family and their love of creating. From candles and prints to their signature greeting cards, every product here is made with homegrown love.

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2. Goods of Desire (G.O.D)

Everything about Goods of Desire is quintessentially Hong Kong. In local dialect, the brand name also means to live better as it phonetically resembles the characters, G.O.D. Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been offering designs inspired by the vibrant Hong Kong culture of east meets west and tradition meets innovation.

They also infuse humour and creativity, turning everyday objects into something much more extraordinary. Through their designs of masks, accessories, bags, wallets and so many others, Goods of Desire preserves Hong Kong's unique cultural legacy.

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3. 852prints

If you have a soft spot for the quirky cultural nuances that make up our beautiful city, this is the right place. This Hong Kong-themed brand was founded by Krystal Tolani out of her renewed appreciation for Hong Kong after moving back to the city in 2017. Combine that with her love of doodling and dad jokes and you have 852prints.

Despite being a small, side-hustling business, the brand opts for local manufacturers as much as possible, aims to create less waste and use only natural or recycled fibres for their clothing and greeting cards. If you want a laugh, 852prints it is.

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4. Biscuitmoon Designs

Surface designer Ellie Rampton was inspired by her two lovable twin boys in creating Biscuitmoon Designs in 2012, building on her diverse creative background. With a desire to capture some of life's special moments through their design, the products almost seem like a love letter with just an added dose of humour. They also undertake customised design products such as for weddings, logos and marketing materials for small businesses.

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5. Louise Hill Design

With such a vibrant background, Louise Hill established her eponymous brand to showcase the beauty of places she's lived in which includes Singapore and Hong Kong. While her design varies, perhaps the most notable is her prints and illustrations that combine various elements and symbols of Hong Kong.

She takes in buildings, objects, transportation and so much more and put them together, creating a collage of everything you can think of about Hong Kong. These prints are a must addition to anyone's home.

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