Cover Tattoo artist Jaan from Freedom Tattoo HK (Photo: Courtesy of Freedom Tattoo HK)

Taking place at K11 Art Mall next month, the Hong Kong Tattoo Show 2021 will bring together top tattooists and the local community for a three-day event of celebrating local tattoo culture

Calling all tattoo enthusiasts! Leading local tattoo studio Freedom Tattoo HK is hosting a new exhibition, Hong Kong Tattoo Show 2021 next month to promote the vibrant local tattoo culture, where visitors will be able to learn more about this form of body art and admire a diverse array of designs by the city’s most talented tattooists.

Known as a spin-off of the famous “Hong Kong China International Tattoo Convention” presented by the same tattoo studio, the event is set to take place at K11 Art Mall from September 24-26, which will offer a platform for tattoo artists and enthusiasts to interact, connect and share insights.

A tattoo competition will also be held on the last day of the show, where tattooists are invited to share their love of ink, and demonstrate their skills and creativity. Notable participating tattoo artists include: Jaan, Yingo Fan, 21, and Jacky Chong, and they will be offering on-site inking services too.  

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Tickets for the show will be available on the official website starting from 1 September. Visitors will have a chance to win a free tattoo service for every ticket purchased from Freedom Tattoo (20 quota is available). Whether you’re searching for inspirations for your next tattoo appointment, or simply looking to admire some cool ink designs, this event is a must-visit.  

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