From adorable animals to the world’s most breathtaking destinations, these are the Instagram accounts that our editors love

1. @round.animals

"@round.animals is an account dedicated to fluffy or chubby animals…I like to look at this account when I’m having a bad day."Justine Lee, Fashion Director  

2. @octonation

"@octonation. Since reading Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery I’ve been obsessed with these whip-smart cephalopods. Not only are they masters of disguise—changing their skin colour and texture to mimic their surroundings and other creatures—but they’re also daring escape artists known to have broken out of aquarium tanks by squeezing their boneless, tentacled bodies through tiny holes less than an inch wide. This fascinating feed gives me and 169,000 other mollusc fans a regular dose of octo-love."—Jakki Phillips, Editor in Chief

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3. @hongkongneonlights

"@hongkongneonlights—I’ve been fascinated by Hong Kong’s neon signs for a while, and with many iconic lights being taken down over the last few years, this account has done a fantastic job in capturing and preserving this bit of local heritage."—Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Food & Wine

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4. @coveteur

"One of my favourite accounts is @coveteur. I love the photography and how it dissects street style in a home décor setting."Christian Barlow, Director of VIP Content and Communications 

5. @ignant

"@ignant is a treasure trove for design, photography and storytelling. I’ve been obsessed with their website for years, and their Instagram account is like an awesome snack-sized version of their content."Coco Marett, Digital Editor

6. @williamssonoma

"I love @williamssonoma, the food images are styled beautifully and they have scores of delicious recipes to choose from."—Jacqueline Kot, Editorial Director, Special Projects

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7. @meowmeix

"@meowmeix’s Amanda is a nutrition guru who will teach you how to meal prep, how to pick healthy alternatives to processed foods and the difference between eating for weight loss and eating for muscle gain. I love that she promotes a balanced and happy lifestyle. Finally, someone who sets realistic expectations!"—Natasha Tang, Social Media Editor

8. @accidentallywesanderson

"I love @accidentallywesanderson. It satisfies my OCD to see symmetry in the world."Rosana Lai, Fashion Editor

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9. @sam.vox

"As a traveller with a soft spot for Africa, @sam.vox’s photography touches me with a sense of candidness in the people and lives he captures with his camera. It’s the simplicity of everyday Tanzania, combined with the vibrant yet easily overlooked colours of Africa that I find myself getting lost in when looking at his photographs."Pearl Yan, Digital Projects Editor

10. @beautifuldestinations

"@beautifuldestinations is always my source of travel inspiration. This account is packed with stunning photographs captured from an array of destinations, which I could easily scroll through for hours on end."—Helen Yu, Digital Editorial Assistant 

11. @girlsandtheircats

"@girlsandtheircats is a New York-based photo series that tell the stories about, well, girls and their cat(s). They also feature IG story takeovers from cat ladies around the world, including Mexico, Greece, France and more. I haven’t seen any from Hong Kong or Asia yet, so local cat ladies, get in touch!"—Erica Fong, Digital Content Director

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