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Want to surprise your furkid with a little worry-free treat? Look no further than these Malaysian brands.

All fur parents can agree that our furkid(s) depend on us to ensure that we provide them with the best in everything—a safe and cosy home, lots of love, regular exercise, timely vet visits, and, of course, good food.

Having been a fur parent to a dog (rest in everlasting peace, Cuddles) and a ‘meowmy’ to two cats myself, there are many things I wish I knew earlier about maintaining a healthy diet and good nutrition for my furkids beyond just buying the most popular or premium pet food brand in the market. In the same way we’re conscious about what goes into our meals, we also need to be fully aware of potentially harmful pet food ingredients such as artificial colouring, sodium nitrate, and vegetable oil, to name a few.

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Unfortunately, I came from a time of unintentional ignorance, with little access to healthy pet food and information about pet nutrition was scarce. Luckily, times have changed and there are plenty of wholesome choices in the local market now! Check out some of my favourite Malaysian brands which make healthy homemade goodies for pets.

King Charlie's

When David and Janelle adopted 5-year-old Charlie together, they were determined to give him the best food and care to keep him happy and healthy always. After painstakingly scouring the internet for recipes, getting tips from their fellow fur parent friends, and investing in kitchen appliances and tools, they got to work.

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Through the aptly named King Charlie’s, your furkids will be able to enjoy treats and food toppings made from the freshest, single-source ingredients with no artificial flavourings or preservatives, and lots of love. They offer generously filled packs of dehydrated anchovies, sardines, and white pomfret fish, but I’ll tell you a secret: my cat would drop everything he’s doing for a sprinkling of King Charlie’s egg yolk powder.

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Co-founder Louis Tan started PledgeCare based on his own experience in dealing with his late pooch Kelly’s skin issues. When even hypoallergenic foods and premium kibbles (costing thousands of ringgit) from overseas didn’t seem to improve Kelly’s condition, Tan took it into his own hands to make his own dog food for Kelly instead, and her condition improved.

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PledgeCare’s products, such as duck and chicken air-dried meals as well as an assortment of air-dried treats, cater to both dogs and cats. Their products are made 100 per cent from fresh meat and produce sourced from local markets then safely air-dried for 24 hours after it’s prepared.

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Barkery Oven

Conceived in 2008, Barkery Oven was born out of founder Chui Shia’s need to provide her own dogs with healthy and delicious treats which were lacking in the market. Inspired by gourmet pet bakeries across the US and Australia, Barkery Oven was established so other pets can enjoy the same healthy treats.

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The pet bakery boasts a huge variety of homemade gluten- and grain-free dog and cat treats such as biscuit bites for dogs, air-dried jerky for cats, and even birthday cakes made from human-grade ingredients. My perennial go-to is the naturally air-dried mackerel skin which my cats absolutely love.

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