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Marking its 7th anniversary, The Artling's latest venture, Artling Projects, will use the latest machine learning and AI technologies to make art and design sourcing easier

The Artling, a Singapore-based art and design consultancy firm, is continuing to push the boundaries of art and technology.

Tapping into its technological capabilities, the Singaporean firm is launching its latest venture, Artling Projects, a new art sourcing concierge for industry professionals. The project is developed in-house using the latest machine learning and AI technology. It is the first platform in the industry to provide a seamless solution for interior designers and architects looking to transform spaces with art pieces using cutting-edge technology.

Marking its 7th anniversary this year, The Artling has an online inventory of works by thousands of exciting artists and designers from around the world, boasting more than US$210 million in inventory value on the platform. Over 3,000 artists and designers are featured, including 300 local Singaporeans, making it easier to connect buyers with artists worldwide.

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Artling Projects aims to be the go-to platform for art and design sourcing needs. As an innovative online tool, Artling Projects will integrate art sourcing, budgeting and timeline management into a simple, quick and automated process that allows users to manage various projects on one single platform. This could be a gamechanger for interior designers, architects, property developers and hospitality groups looking to scale across projects.

"As a tech-enabled art consultancy firm and e-commerce platform, we aim to improve both buyer and seller experiences through Artling Projects, the first digital platform in the industry focusing on art and design sourcing. Having done numerous corporate projects across the globe, we understand the industry pains of sourcing and managing several projects at the same time," says Talenia Phua Gajardo, CEO of The Artling.

"This year has been challenging for many creatives and the more we can help with sales, the more freedom they have to keep creating. Artling Projects will ultimately reduce sourcing times significantly, allowing industry professionals to specify pieces and manage their projects efficiently while creating spaces that inspire and uplift," Gajardo adds.

The new project builds on The Artling's speciality in developing enterprise solution tools, evident from their website and mobile app, both of which were developed in-house.

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