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Boasting artworks designed with energy-saving lighting and/or environmentally-friendly materials, this night festival is a must-visit

If you’ve been interested in championing energy efficiency and are keen to know more about sustainable habits, look no further as Asia’s leading sustainable light festival is back at the charming waterfront of Marina Bay. Organised by Singapore’s urban redevelopment authority and established in 2010, i Light Singapore 2022 showcases light art installations created by Singaporean and international artists.

Held from June 3 to 26, the theme this year is Spark of Light. Utilising a colour that has the shortest wavelength, violet, the festival embodies the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum. This signifies creativity by awakening the senses, with artists responding to it by repurposing everyday objects and waste into spectacular light installations. These installations hope to encourage active discussions about lifestyles and consumption behaviour to build a more sustainable future. 

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One of New Zealand’s most sought after light artists Angus Muir delights at the festival this year with his circular installations. Made of fully recyclable marine buoys, they reflect light and give off a magical glow during the day. At night, it comes alive as the thousands of LED lights within the installation create a whirl of colours with spherical gradients. 

Where: The apex at The Promontory at Marina Bay

Firefly Field

Created by Toer, a multidisciplinary design studio from The Netherlands founded in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven, Firefly Field stimulates the ever-changing bioluminescence of fireflies. The meticulously designed rhythm of lights mimics the intermittent flashing patterns of fireflies, making use of blinking displays to send optical signals and locate potential mates. 

Where: The Promontory at Marina Bay

DBS Live More, Waste Less Installation: Waste Not, Want Not

Set up by Tell Your Children, an independent creative and visual arts studio based in Singapore, this installation encourages audiences to relook ‘ugly’ food. The larger-than-life installations feature four stylised inflatable sculptures designed in a quirky fashion, celebrating the natural variety of shapes that produce often come in. It hopes to change the perception that oddly-shaped produce has less nutrition and is en route to becoming food waste. 

Where: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk

Lightwave: Isle of Light Empowered by Oppo

This Insta-worthy floating pontoon above the Marina Bay waterbody is made up of five unique zones with immersive features that will awaken your senses. From enchanting holographic projections, illuminated motion-capture graphics and shadow play, to light beams that remind one of a mystical forest, visitors are treated to a unique light art showcase that fuels imagination.

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Where: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk (near Red Dot Design Museum)

Alone Together

DesignSingapore awardee and recipient of the Parsons Presidential scholarship Ping Lim partners with Ian Grossberg to create immersive experiences that foster human connection in shared physical spaces. This multi-layered installation documents the experience of living in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by scenes of housing estates in Singapore, the piece captures how the pandemic has impacted our daily lives. 

Where: Marina Bay Link Mall Entrance


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