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Cure the travel bug by treating yourself to a picturesque escape at one of these hidden photography spots in Hong Kong

Our city was practically built for Instagram—from vibrant street art to gleaming skyscrapers, beautiful hiking trails and beaches... Hong Kong has no shortage of great locations to take stunning shots. While places like Instagram Pier, Choi Hoi Estate and Monster Building in Quarry Bay get all the attention, there are a few unique and even more breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in between that you haven’t discovered yet.  
We’ve mapped out five secret Instagrammable locations in Hong Kong that will not just make you feel worlds away from hectic city life, but also give you a dose of inspiration to brighten up your grid. Get ready for a fantastic photogenic adventure. 

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1. Sheung Luk Stream

Nestled just beyond the beachside village of Sai Wan, Sheuk Luk Stream is known as one of the city’s biggest, most beautiful streams. It runs into the sea at Sai Wan in the Sai Kung East Country Park and embraces scenic landscapes, such as majestic waterfalls and clear water pools.

The hike to the stream is quite challenging and might not be suitable for beginners, which involves some rock hopping and scrambling. Once the arduous trek is cleared, you’ll find several secluded deep pools and even encounter some thrill-seekers jumping off from the cliffs into the pool. Cliff jumping can be dangerous, so we’d recommend treating yourself to a cooling swim or an outdoor picnic experience on the surrounding rocks instead. The stream is difficult to reach, but It’s well worth travelling from far to witness the beauty in person and to take some once-in-a-lifetime pictures for your 'gram.

How to get there: From Sai Kung, take the 29R village bus or taxi to Sai Wan Pavilion. Follow signs to Sai Wan Village from the pavilion, then walk upstream from Sai Wan beach to reach the pools. 

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2. Cape D’Aguilar

Fancy a secluded island getaway? This place might just satisfy. Lying on the southern tip of Hong Kong Island, Cape D’Aguilar is a haven of peace and a picture-perfect spot to capture the city’s natural beauty. With its fantastic sea views, unique caves and rock formations, as well the promise of gorgeous sunsets, this place will not not only make your heart flutter, but will also keep your hands busy pressing the shutter button on the camera.  
The photo opportunities are endless here. In addition to the two spectacular sea caves—Crab Cave and Thunder Cave—that formed naturally formed by wave erosion, you’ll also find a century-old lighthouse and a replica whale skeleton. 
How to get here: Take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan and leave via Exit A3. Then, take bus 9 to Shek O. Make sure that the bus route states “via Cape D’Aguilar”. Otherwise, the bus won’t take a detour. 

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3. Pineapple Mountain

Hong Kong’s answer to Grand Canyon, Pineapple Moutain (also known as "Po Lo Shan") is a beautiful, unspoiled paradise famous for its rare rock formation and scenic hiking trail. The hike is not as difficult as you may think: the walk starts with a 30-minute steep climb to Leung Tin Au, and you’ll only need to hike a further 15-20 minutes before reaching the mountain. Far away from the city’s bustle, this natural gem doesn't just look amazing on your 'gram, but the area is also brimming with fresh air and a sense of peacefulness. A perfect locale for some serious R&R.  
How to get there: Take the MTR to the Siu Hong Station (West Rail Line), then take either the 615 or 505 light rail to Leung King. Follow the signs to begin walking up to Leung Tin Au. 

4. Victoria Peak Garden

Once the site of the Governor of Hong Kong's summer residence, today Victoria Peak Garden has been beautifully transformed into a Victorian-style garden with flower beds, sprawling lawns and charming pagodas that provide much-needed shelter from the sun on hot days. Tranquil and spacious with breezes wafting the pleasing scents of grass and flowers, this hidden sanctuary is an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy picnics on the grass, as well as scoring some great outdoor adventure shots.  
How to get there: Take the MTR to the Central Station and hop on bus 15C at the Central Bus Terminus (near Star Ferry Pier 8) to The Peak. You can then either hike up Mount Austin Road from the Peak Tram Terminus or take a taxi to the garden.  

5. Tap Mun

Sitting pretty in the north-eastern reaches of Sai Kung, Tap Mun is often regarded as one of the most Instagrammable islands in Hong Kong—thanks to its awe-inspiring natural scenery and peaceful ambience. The remote island is accessible by boat, which offers an adventurous voyage experience for you to appreciate its rustic charm via rocky landscapes, panoramic sea views and villages dotted with fishing boats. Tap Mun has a couple of Insta-worthy places—from the Tin Hau Temple to the vast hillside lawn around the Hilltop Pavillion and the rocky bay, you are guaranteed to find a zen spot for your picture of the day. 
How to get there: Take the MTR to the University Station and leave via Exit B, then take a ferry from Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier. Alternatively, you can take bus 94 from Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier and catch a ferry to Tap Mun.  

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