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See some of Hong Kong’s best art, all in one stunning building

May is one of Hong Kong’s most colourful months, as paintings, sculptures and prints flood the city for art season. With Art Basel and Art Central returning this year, there’s no shortage of accompanying exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artists, local stars and chic galleries. With events spread all across the city, art lovers hoping for a quick one-stop digest of highlights can swing by H Queen’s, which is conveniently located in the heart of Central.
The glass-fronted building is an artistic sanctuary amid the financial district with numerous galleries, and this month, you’ll find everything from nostalgia-inspired Korean contemporary art to hypnotic French art on show.

1. ‘Contrasting Confluences’: Clément Denis, Fabien Verschaere and Karen Shiozawa at Whitestone Gallery (7-8/F)

From May 3 to June 30, the group exhibition “Contrasting Confluences” will take over Whitestone Gallery as part of Le French May Arts Festival. French artists Clément Denis, Fabien Verschaere and Danish-Japanese artist Karen Shiozawa all explore the limits of human communication in varying styles. Van Gogh-esque waters flood a Denis canvas as a figure reaches into a wave, while Verschaere’s phantom watercolour characters bleed into one another. Shiozawa’s nebula-struck paintings—created by scraping pens against layers of paint—aim to capture the overlooked “voices of people’s hearts”, according to the artist.

2. EDITION by Simon Ma at H Queen’s (9/F)

The eclectic works of artist Simon Ma are coming to Hong Kong between May 25 and June 12, ranging from his earlier ink-on-paper pieces to his latest collection of abstract oil paintings. Automobile lovers will be drawn to his Ferrari-inspired works, which transform the brand’s signature horse logo into calligraphic portraits and fantastical sculptures. Ma’s newest pieces are in contrast a riot of colour, with thick layers of paint spilling out onto frames.

3. Woo Kukwon: 'Carnival' at Tang Contemporary Art (10/F)

At Tang Contemporary Art, Seoul artist Woo Kukwon’s latest collection “Carnival” will be showcased from May 5 to June 11. Juxtaposing nostalgic characters from The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan with grim scenes and quotes, Won’s contemporary work offers a different take on childhood innocence. Declaring in one painting that to be “innocent is a kind of insanity”, Won features similarly controversial phrases scrawled in childlike script in other works, adding a dark, quirky cynicism to scenes the viewer would have grown up with.

4. Arlene Schechet: 'Moon in the Morning' at Pace Gallery (12/F)

This internationally renowned gallery is welcoming sculptor Arlene Schechet to the city between May 20 and June 30. The New York artist, renowned for her mixed media sculptures, is presenting both at Art Basel and H Queen’s Pace Gallery—the latter of which is showcasing a larger collection of her works. Titled Moon in the Morning, Schechet’s newest sculptures combine organic and ceramic structures in vibrant intertwined forms.

5. William Kentridge: ‘Weigh All Tears’ at Hauser & Wirth (15-16/F)

South African artist William Kentridge’s confronting works will take centrestage at Hauser & Wirth from now until May 29. As a response to the “weight of history”, according to Kentridge and changing notions of heroism, his collection features a triptych of labouring silhouettes parading across archival maps of Africa and China, as well as revisions of Cultural Revolution-era model opera posters.

6. The Arca proudly presents: TWGHs NFT Marketplace Charity Bidding cum Art Exhibition at H Queen’s (Unit 1701, 17/F)

One of the art world’s latest digital innovations will be spotlighted at an H Queen’s exhibition and fundraiser, as NFTs will be bided between May 20 and June 2 to support Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ anti-epidemic efforts. If you’re considering dipping your toe into the world of NFTs, this could be a great way to get started and contribute to a good cause.

7. William Lim, Architect of H Queen’s Recent Paintings; Willows Dark Flowers Bright at H Queen’s (Unit 1702, 17/F)

Many can relate to architect William Lim’s latest paintings, which tell the story of his pandemic experience. While in lockdown, Lim fell in love with houseplants which fill his paintings—with one self-portrait showing Lim clinging to a houseplant in a jungle-filled bedroom. The exhibition between May 21 and 29 references a Song Dynasty poem, in which a poet stumbles onto a village of dark and vibrant florals: a scene that Lim paid homage to with his bright yet melancholic style.

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